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Choti Sardarni 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

A writ petition has been filed in the High Court on January 28, 2021 on behalf of the DMK alleging that Kathir Anand’s father Duraimurugan, who confiscated millions of rupees in the March 2019 Vellore Lok Sabha constituency money laundering case, was neither the DMK’s general secretary nor the DMK’s permanent treasurer. This has caused a stir in Tamil Nadu politics.

Kathir Anand, son of DMK leader Thuraimurugan, contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as a DMK candidate in the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency. During the Vellore Lok Sabha elections in March 2019, crores of rupees were confiscated from a place owned by Thuraimurugan during an investigation by the Income Tax Department following a complaint that money had been hoarded to prevent voters from being paid. Following this, the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency election was postponed. Later, Duraimurugan’s son Kathir Anand contested and won the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency on behalf of the DMK following the conclusion of the parliamentary general election.

A case is pending in the court regarding the confiscation of money during the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency election. In this situation, DMK organizing secretary and MP RS Bharathi has filed a writ petition in the Chennai High Court. The petition states that D. Thuraimurugan, who was tested in Vellore, and Thuraimurugan, the father of DMK candidate Kathir Anand, were not DMK general secretary Thuraimurugan and not the DMK’s permanent treasurer.

T Duraimurugan caused a stir in Tamil Nadu politics as to why the DMK said that Duraimurugan was not the general secretary of his party.

DMK organizing secretary Ponmudi D Duraimurugan has expressed the same view that General Secretary Duraimurugan is not. Shocked by the DMK’s refusal to appoint its general secretary and permanent treasurer, the Income Tax Department began gathering evidence to prove that D Duraimurugan and DMK Duraimurugan were one and the same. Finally, on 4.4.2005, a photograph of D Duraimurugan was affixed on the title deed of agricultural lands issued to him by the Governor of Katpadi, D Duraimurugan. The Income Tax Department filed the document in the court and proved that D Duraimurugan and DMK General Secretary Duraimurugan were one and the same.

The photo in the document, which was checked by the Income Tax Department, confirmed that D Duraimurugan looked like DMK general secretary Duraimurugan.

Further, through the Patta Certificate Source, Duraimurugan, d. Judge Anita Sumanth argued in the Chennai High Court before the Income Tax Department that Thuraimurugan was the same person.

The DMK objected to the submission of new evidence in court. This objection was rejected by the High Court.

When inquired as to why the DMK had filed the petition that Duraimurugan, the owner of the place where the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency election was confiscated, and DMK treasurer Duraimurugan were different, Duraimurugan was the treasurer of the DMK. Informed sources say.


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