Karvi Kotwal and Saraiya outpost in-charge were suspended on Wednesday in connection with the suicide of a Dalit teenager who was agitated by gang rape in Karvi Kotwali area of ​​Chitrakoot. The police administration, acting on the strictness of the Chief Minister, arrested the three accused of gangrape.

On the other hand, due to the gathering of many political parties and various organizations against the incident and the situation in the victim’s village was tense, the police force of several police stations, IG, DM, SP etc. stayed together. After explaining to the officers, the family cremated the teenager.

The teenager died on Tuesday morning by hanging himself in the house. According to the victim’s mother, on October 8, the village boy Kishan Upadhyay lured her and raped her two companions by tying them to the daughter’s hand. Reports were filed against all three. The arrival of people of many organizations, including BSP-Congress, before the funeral on Wednesday morning increased. Tension began to rise as the performance began.

Family members along with various organizations also accused the police of negligence. Shortly thereafter, Commissioner Gaurav Dayal, Satyanarayan of IG Chitrakootdham range, DM Seshamani Pandey, ASP Prakash Swaroop Pandey, ADM GP Singh, SDM Manikpur reached Sangamlal. The authorities somehow handled the situation. The victim family was given information about the arrest of the three accused and assured to help them in every way. DM said that action will be taken against those found guilty in the investigation.

IG said that due to negligence in the case, Kotwali in-charge Karvi Jaishankar Singh and outpost in-charge Saraiya Anil Sahu have been suspended. After this, the family cremated in the village itself after 11 o’clock. Taking cognizance of the incident, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed the district administration to take strict action after investigation.



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