Recently, Chinese investor in domestic microblogging site Koo’s mother company is exiting from selling its stake. A top official of the company informed about this. Ku co-founder and CEO Aparamay Radhakrishna said that other investors have expressed a desire to buy nine percent stake in Chinese investors.

It is noteworthy that Ku has received a lot of discussion after a tussle between the Indian government and Twitter. Since then Ku has been downloaded more than three million times so far and has more than 10 lakh active users. Ku’s investors include Essel Partners, 3 One 4 Capital, Bloom Ventures and Kalari Capitals. Apart from these, China-based global venture capital company Shunwei has invested in Koo’s parent company Bombinet. Radhakrishna told PTI-language that Shunwei had invested for another app vocal of the mother company. Ku did not even begin then.


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