The armies of the two countries are continuously retreating from the Pengong Lake area in eastern Ladakh under a negotiated settlement. On Tuesday, the Chinese army has made a withdrawal from the Kailash Range and Finger-5 area. While Indian troops are moving through several high peaks in the southern part of Pengong Lake. The troops held positions here in August, after which it was difficult for the Chinese army.

So far, more than 200 tanks of the Chinese Army have left the
Indian Army, it is clear in the pictures released by the Indian Army that the convoy of Chinese soldiers is moving rapidly from the Kailash range. It also has a large number of tanks etc. In some pictures, Chinese soldiers are seen breaking their structures on the hills. Sources say that more than 200 tanks have so far left for the Chinese Army. Indian troops and tanks are also retreating as per the agreed agreement.

According to sources, the two countries are also monitoring the process of retreat of each other, the agreement regarding withdrawal of army from Pengong Lake area includes monitoring of the entire process. The two countries are also monitoring each other’s retreat process. Drones and satellites are being used for this. It has been confirmed by the Indian Army that so far the agreement on withdrawal from both sides is being implemented properly.

Forces from the north, who moved almost
to military sources troops from northern Pengong Lake has removed almost, while Tuesday was the withdrawal of troops, tanks etc. in large numbers from the southern part. Army sources said that by the end of the week, the northern and southern parts of Pengong Lake area are expected to be completely evacuated by troops and tanks. Contrary to expectation, this work is being done at a fast pace. It was previously expected to take a week.

… So next week,
let us tell the meeting of senior commanders that under the agreement reached between the armies of both countries, Chinese forces will retreat to Finger-8 and Indian forces to Finger-3. Presently, patrolling in the middle area will be suspended. Earlier, the armies of both the countries patrolled here. If the Pengong area becomes empty this week, then there will be a meeting of senior commanders next week about other places of confrontation. The agreement calls for a meeting of senior commanders within 48 hours.


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