Chinese actress Gao Liu had to undergo cosmetic surgery heavily, loss of 61 thousand dollars

Most celebrities are always very aware of their looks. Celebs are now resorting to cosmetic surgery to remove any deficiency in their looks. Many celebs have also received their desired results. But there are many celebs who have suffered due to their cosmetics surgery.

One such celebrity is the singer and actress Gao Liu of China, who is making headlines these days for her cosmetic surgery. Actually, he recently underwent cosmetic surgery of his nose. Due to which they are also suffering heavy losses.

Cosmetic surgery losses

Actress Gao Liu has shared some of her photos on the social media site. In which the picture before surgery and after surgery can be seen. Looking at the pictures, it is coming to know that instead of getting the desired results from cosmetic surgery, they have damaged their nose.

Loss of more than 61 thousand dollars

Gao Liu underwent nose surgery in Guangzhou city in Guangdong province of South China on the advice of his friend. After which his looks have had a bad effect. His nose tissue has been damaged. Due to this, two of his projects have also been withdrawn from him. He has suffered a loss of more than 61 thousand dollars. According to a report by Chinese media, 2 million yuan may also be lost.


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