China's success in space, orbit 'Tianwen-1' entered Mars orbit

China said that its spacecraft ‘Tianwen-1’ has entered the orbit of Mars which will land a rover on the surface of the red planet and collect details related to the groundwater and possible signs of ancient life there.

Yan entered Mars orbit on Wednesday evening according to China’s time. This is the second time in two days that a vehicle has entered the orbit of a red planet. Earlier, the United Arab Emirates spacecraft entered Mars orbit on Tuesday. Next week, America will try to land its rover ‘Perseverance’ on the surface of Mars.

These three vehicles were launched in July last. America is the only country that has successfully reached the red planet eight times. This is the most ambitious mission for China so far. If everything goes according to plan, in a few months the rover will break away from the vehicle and try to land on the surface of Mars.


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