No matter how uncomfortable China is with the quad, the new leadership of the US is in favor of pushing this bridge forward. After the talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden on Monday night, there is also a possibility of a quad meeting soon. In the statement issued by the US on the conversation, the quad has been specially mentioned.

A group of four countries from India, America, Australia, Japan have been advocating for a rule-based system in the South China Sea and the Indian Pacific region. China sees this as a front against itself. Recently, Russia also raised questions about this alliance. However, India has been clear that the quad should not be viewed as a barricade against any country.

Sources said the new US President Joe Biden wants to unite the four major democratic forces in the Indo-Pacific region. America wants to set its endo-Pacific policy on the basis of Quad. Sources say that an online meeting may be held soon.

Significantly, given China’s growing military presence in the region, the US wants to expand strategic cooperation with the Quad countries. The Foreign Ministers of the four countries of the Quad Framework met in New York in 2019 and then met last year in Tokyo amid the corona virus epidemic.

In the meeting held in October, the then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out at China. He accused China of using economic power to dominate its neighboring South Asian countries. After the new administration in the US, the world is eyeing the China policy. Particularly India’s interest is also linked to this. The Quad countries are very keen to increase connectivity in this area.


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