China has denied allegations of American diplomats testing the corona with the anal. In some reports in the US, it was said that some of his diplomats had to undergo an anal test for corona examination. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China had never asked American soldiers to go through the process of the anal swab test. Earlier, a spokesman for the US State Department said that Washington was ready to protect the rights and honor of its diplomats.

The US State Department reminded China of the Vienna Convention, saying that the United States was ready to protect its diplomats and their family members. The rules of the Vienna Convention should be followed in any kind of diplomatic relations. In fact, last week, the Washington Post reported in a report that several US diplomats have told the ministry that they had to undergo an anal test in China for a corona investigation. This type of test is being done in China itself. Actually China says that the corona test will be very accurate if tested with a sample from the anus instead of the nose or mouth.

There has been no new case of corona in China for the past one week. Even after this, China has tightened the rules regarding the test. Particularly, people coming from abroad are being tested hard. However foreign diplomats are granted concessions in travel bans. This case can lead to a confrontation situation once again in the relations between China and America. The two countries have been going through a period of trade war for the past several years and now this new case can take the relationship between America and China to a lower level.


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