BBC World News has been barred from airing in China. The news was reported by Chinese state media CGTN on Friday from the National Radio and Television Administration. The BBC World News Service has been put on hold for the time being saying it was misreporting on issues such as Xinjiang and China’s handling of the Kovid-19.

Issuing the statement, the administration said an investigation found BBC World News had severely violated the rules in reports relating to China, including that the news should be “true and fair”. This damaged China’s national interests and weakened national unity.

Thus, the channel does not meet the requirements for foreign channels airing in China and its application will no longer be accepted for another year.

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The English-language BBC World News is not included in most TV channel packages in China, but is available in some hotels and homes. Two Reuters reporters in China said that the channel had become blank on their TV screens. However, the BBC has not yet commented on this.

On 4 February, the British media regulator Ofcom revoked the license of China Global Television Network (CGTN), as investigations found that the license was wrongly created by Star China Media Limited.


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