China is apparently prioritizing Kovid-19 vaccine diplomacy over its domestic vaccination program. China is exporting them in greater quantities than vaccines in its country. This information is given in a media report.

According to data compiled by the Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post, China has sent at least 4.6 million prepared vaccines or its ingredients worldwide by Monday. Apart from this, millions more doses are yet to be sent.

In contrast, the country’s health authority stated that 4.05 crore doses of vaccines had been given in China as of February 9, while more than 50 million doses had been given in the US.

China had conducted millions of investigations on Kovid-19 within a few days but failed to meet the target announced in early January. According to the newspaper, China had spoken of vaccinating five crore people before its new year.

China is officially closed from 11 to 18 February to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. According to the report, China’s domestic vaccination program has many challenges, including people’s hesitation about vaccines, limited supplies and low effectiveness of China-made vaccines.


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