With the beginning of the worldwide vaccination process, the manufacturing of the vaccine is also on pace. Meanwhile, according to a Chinese media report, China has approved clinical trials of 16 indigenous COVID-19 vaccines, six of which are in the third phase of the vaccine trial.

China’s medical news agency Xinhua on Saturday quoted the National Medical Products Administration as saying that the new clinical trial vaccines are based on recombinant proteins, adenovirus vectors, nucleic acids and attenuated influenza-virus technology.

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Six of these vaccines are in the third phase of the trial, which is the final stage of the trial. China has already given conditional approval to two inactive COVID-19 vaccines made by state-owned developers – Sinopharma and Synovac Biotech.

As of February 9, China has administered 40.52 million COVID-19 vaccines to major groups in the country, Xinhua quoted a National Health Commission official as saying.


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