China, which is pushing the entire world into the quagmire of Corona virus, is now owning wealth. China’s economy is now recovering from the effects of the Corona virus epidemic. China’s trade figures in September have been fairly good. According to data released by the Customs Department on Tuesday, China’s exports rose 9.9 percent to $ 239.8 billion in September. Exports had registered a growth of 9.5 percent in August. Similarly, imports rose 13.2 percent to $ 202.8 billion in September. China’s imports declined by 2.1 percent in August. 

The lockdown was imposed in economies around the world due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. But China’s economy has opened up soon after the lockdown, benefiting its exporters. China’s exporters, especially in the case of masks and medical supplies, hold silver and are also gaining market share of foreign rivals. 

China’s global trade surplus rose 6.6 percent to $ 37 billion in September compared to a year earlier. However, this is significantly lower than the August figure of $ 58.9 billion. China has a long-standing trade dispute with the US. Despite this, China’s exports to the US rose 20.5 percent to $ 44 billion in September. At the same time, imports of US goods grew by 24.5 percent to $ 13.2 billion. 

China is the first major economy in the world to reach pre-Kovid-19 growth levels. China grew by 3.2 percent in the second quarter. Explain that the corona virus was spread all over the world from the city of Wuhan in China. It first saw its impact in China, but after that Corona caused such devastation worldwide that not only affected the economy of most countries of the world, but also caused millions of deaths. 


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