An important agreement has been reached between India and China to ease tensions over the last nine months over the border dispute in eastern Ladakh. India and China reached an agreement to withdraw troops on the northern and southern sides of Pangong Lake, and on Wednesday morning the troops of both countries began retreating. Not only this, cannons are also retreating from the northern and southern shores of Pangong Tso Lake. The speed at which China is removing cannons from the banks of Pangong Tso Lake is truly shocking.

In fact, by Thursday, the Chinese Army i.e. the People’s Liberation Army had withdrawn more than 200 major battle tanks from the south coast of Pangong Tso and deployed 100 heavy vehicles to withdraw its troops from the north coast of Finger 8 of Ladakh. Were. The withdrawal speed of Chinese forces and tanks has really surprised national security planners ranging from the Indian Army.

Top government officials, on the condition of anonymity, said that the settlement started on Pangong Tso at 9 am on Wednesday after the agreement between India and China. The agreement between India and China came after several rounds of back-channel negotiations between Beijing’s counterparts by top ministers and officials, including Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, Ajit Doval. As a result, India retained its position in eastern Ladakh.

A senior member in the Modi government said, “The withdrawal speed of Chinese forces and tanks from Wednesday also shows their deployment capability. It is a military art. The Indian side has also reversed its army, but contingency plans are ready for the worst. ‘ According to officials, both the Chinese Army (PLA) and the Indian Army will withdraw their troops by Saturday and will also withdraw from the agreed positions. He said that there has been agreement that the disbursement will be completed in three days.

According to officials, once the process of removing artillery and troops from Pangong Tso is complete, the two sides will begin negotiating disengagement in the patrol point 15 (Gogra) and 17 (Hot Springs) area north of Pangong Tso. Let us know that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh informed in Parliament on Thursday that the withdrawal of forces on the northern and southern sides of Pangong Lake has been reached with China and both sides will remove the advance deployment in a phased, coordinated and verified manner. Significantly, there has been a deadlock between the two countries on the border in eastern Ladakh for the last nine months. To end this impasse, since September 2020, there have been frequent talks on both sides, both at the military and diplomatic level.


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