The world knows what kind of atrocities are happening to Muslims in China. But why is this being done to Muslims there? Why are they not being given religious freedom? Why are they not even given the freedom to wear beards, wear hats and read Nawaz in the mosque? Why Muslims are forcibly sterilized by keeping them in detention camps? China has tried to cover up the vandalism on Muslims through state media, describing its actions as ‘Chineseization of Islam’. He has also said that to increase patriotism among Muslims, he is changing Islam according to local conditions.

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has interviewed China Islamic Association President Yang Phaming and quoted him as trying to dismiss allegations of atrocities on Muslims. Yang told during this interview that there are now 20 million Muslims in China. Yang is quoted as saying why Islam and Muslim lifestyle are being changed in China.

Yang was asked what is the current status of the Five Year Plan for the Chineseization of Islam and why is it important? In response, he said that due to the correct development of Islam and its better acceptance in the society, China Islamic Association formulated the Five Year Plan (2018-22). Scientific plans have been outlined to promote patriotism. A system of Islam with Chinese characteristics is being built. The rules of Islam are being reformed. Remarkable work has been done in all these areas.

Yang further stated that localization of religion is a normal process in the world. Only through this, religion can grow in the right direction. Given a millennium of Islam’s development in China, the localization and Chineseization of Islam is the only way to its prosperity. After a long period of unification after the arrival of Islam in China, it has gradually merged with Chinese characteristics. He also said that the stream of development of Islam in China can only go on with the continuous Chineseization of Islam. Chineseization of Islam is the foundation of the development of Islam in Chinese society. Only in this way can the roots of Islam in China grow and develop.

Significantly, in the name of curbing religious bigotry, China has banned the wearing of long beards of Muslims and wearing burqas in public places in Xinjiang province. Xinjiang has a majority of Uygar Muslims. In xinjiangBanning of Roza was also banned during Ramadan . Children have been banned from teaching at home instead of school. Millions of Muslims have been imprisoned in China. They are forcibly sterilized and many other types of atrocities are done on them.


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