The country’s foreign minister S.K. Jaishankar said on Saturday that the top commanders of the Indian and Chinese military had held nine rounds of talks to withdraw troops in eastern Ladakh and such talks would continue in future. Jaishankar told reporters in Vijayawada that no significant impact has been seen so far in the talks.

He said, “The issue of withdrawal of troops is very complicated. It depends on the armies. You should be aware of your (geographical) location and events. Military commanders are working on it. ”

Jaishankar was answering the question whether there could be ministerial level talks between the two countries regarding the skirmishes between the soldiers of India and China. India and China have been facing a military standoff in eastern Ladakh since May 5. Several rounds of military and diplomatic level negotiations have been held between the two countries to end this impasse, but no solution has been found so far.

The foreign minister said, “The commander of the army has held nine rounds of talks so far. We feel that some progress has been made but this cannot be seen as a solution. No significant impact of these talks has been seen till now.

Jaishankar pointed to the talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries and the defense ministers in Moscow last year, saying that at some points in that conversation there was agreement to back down. He said, “At present, negotiations are going on between the military commanders and such talks will continue.”

Regarding the recently presented budget , Jaishankar said that it is important for the defense sector to increase both the budget and capital expenditure of the fiscal year. The minister said that the capital expenditure has been increased by 18 percent, which according to me is the highest in the last 15 years. He also said that workers returning from Gulf countries during the Kovid-19 epidemic have started to return, which is a good sign.


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