Corona has spread all over the world from Wuhan in China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed this apprehension after investigation. Not only this, WHO experts believe that in Wuhan, corona spread in humans from rabbits and rat species.

Actually, the WHO team is trying to figure out where and how the corona spread. Experts of the organization believe that the corona infection spread to humans only from rabbits, hyena and other animals of such a species of rat, sold in the Wuhan market. According to a Wall Street General report, the corona spread throughout the world through organisms.

Answers to all the questions are yet to come

The Wall Street General quoted the expert as saying that the suppliers of the animals need to be investigated in Wuhan’s animal market right now. Not only this, it is also a matter of investigation as to which dead or alive animals were sold in the market lawfully or illegally. The WHO team has completed its investigation after being in Wuhan, China for four weeks, but answers to all the questions are yet to come. The team has told so much that no evidence of corona virus has been found in any lab. The role of Wuhan Market is not yet clear.


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