The issue of border dispute between India and China now seems to be resolved. Meanwhile, China has formally confessed for the first time that its soldiers were killed in the bloody conflict in Galvan Valley. The People’s Liberation Army of China has for the first time announced the number of its soldiers killed in a bloody conflict in the Galvan Valley. The Chinese military has claimed that 4 of its soldiers were killed in a bloody conflict in the Galvan Valley. However, this figure of China’s confession is quite low, because many agencies around the world, including India, had reported this figure to be very high. Let me tell you that in June last year, 20 soldiers of India were martyred in the Galvan conflict.

Even though China has lately confessed the number of its troops, it still has not told the truth. Because of the kind of reports that came from the country and abroad, there was a large number of casualties of Chinese soldiers. India also claimed that more than 40 soldiers from China were killed in the Galvan conflict. Not only this, recently the Russian news agency TASS claimed that at least 45 Chinese soldiers were also killed in the Galvan Valley skirmish on 15 June. Earlier too, there were many such revelations in the report. But China had not yet officially acknowledged the death of its soldiers.

According to the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times, China’s Central Military Commission has recalled and honored the sacrifice of five Chinese soldiers stationed on the Karakoram mountain. The Nama of the slain Chinese soldiers is also shared by Dragon, who is the PLA Xinjiang Military Command’s regimental commander Qi Fabao, Chen Hongun, Xiangong, Xiao Siuan, and Wang Zhuoran.

The Global Times quoted the PLA’s Daily Report as saying that four of its soldiers were killed in the Galvan bloody clash, while one was killed in a bloody skirmish in Galvan by drifting in the river during the rescue. China has written about its soldiers that these soldiers gave up their lives while protecting national sovereignty and their land. Let us tell you that the Galvan conflict between India and China was the biggest bloody conflict in 45 years.

Indian soldier’s death in a skirmish with the PLA for the first time since
1967 was the biggest clash in Nathu La after the 1967 clash in which over 300 Chinese soldiers were killed and about 80 Indian soldiers Was martyred. After this, in 1975, an Indian soldier was killed in a violent clash with the Chinese army. In 1975, four Indian soldiers were killed in an ambush near Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh near the temporary border between the two countries.


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