The children found such a thing in the bush, with which they were playing with curiosity and in a short time such an accident happened that 6 children died. In fact, these children from the North West region of Uganda were playing with bombs, which they had found in the bushes. Police said that three children died instantly. The other three children died on the way to the hospital. The incident occurred in the Western Nile district of Uganda. This area has long been witness to internal conflict and terror. Local police spokesman Josephine Aguncia said, ‘The children were playing near a bush on Tuesday afternoon. While there, he found one thing and picked it up and started playing. ‘

The bomb exploded while the children were playing and 6 innocent children died. Initial investigations have revealed that the accident occurred due to the explosion of a hand grenade, which is of the Lord’s Resistance Army. With the death of 6 children, 5 children are badly injured and have been admitted to the nearest district hospital. This is the second such case when someone has died due to an explosion of an old bomb. A week ago, two people lost their lives in such an accident. Let me tell you that in the 1990s, the army had to take the fronts from the rebels here. One of them was an armed group, the Lord’s Resistance Army.

In the 1990s, the army wiped out all militant organizations from the West Nile Bank Front. Even after this, the Lord’s Resistance Army was left. However, this armed group came to an end in 2006 after an army campaign. According to UN figures, 1 lakh people were killed and close to 60,000 children were kidnapped due to the violence of the Lord Resistance Army.


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