Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Chiku arguing with Nupur. She asks why you told them when I asked you not to tell, they insulted me, you punish me, you are taking revenge so you did this drama with everyone. you misunderstand. Chiku says I hate my mom for throwing me away, you brought me here every day to insult me, I don’t want to listen to you.

She goes into her room and cries. Nupur cries and prays. to Bappa. She says that Chiku misunderstands me and so does Milind, you know I have Chiku here to save her, show me a way. Chiku says I won’t stay here, I won’t go anywhere. She also prays.She says no, I can’t go back in the house. Nupur says that Payal is the link between this family and me, if I can’t find them everything is ruined, please leave me my Payal. Nupur listens to Chiku. and run to her. He sees her jumping out the window. Run and save her.

Ask what you do. Chiku says it’s better if my bones break, I stay on the streets. Nupur says that you think that’s better, everyone thinks you burned the orphanage, you are a criminal child, so you don’t need to worry about anyone here, it’s no use, you have to stay here with manners for a few days this bad behavior it doesn’t. Work, sit down and think about what a bad thing you did. She closes the window. It’s going ok.Chiku yells at him. Nupur says I will do what seems right to me. On his morning,

Kamini says that some strange voices came up at night. Nupur visits Chiku. She tells him to get up. Chiku refuses and says let me sleep. throws the pillows. Everyone hears the sound of some falling things. Aai says we should get used to hearing such noises. Chiku wakes up and says I thought it was Tanki, get out of here, I want to sleep.Nupur says no, get up, go take a shower and come, we’ll have breakfast, Chiku says I’ll eat the banana, what do you need to go down there? Nupur says no,

you are at home, home means family, we all have dinner together. , You need to brush first. Chiku refuses. Nupur brushes his teeth. She asks him to take a quick shower. Chiku closes the door. He says I’m staying here for a month, I’m not going out. Without punishing you, I want you to come for breakfast. Chiku asks him to send tea and cookies.Nupur says it’s about family, get out of here. Chiku says this is your family, they are not like me, I am not like them, you will not understand how I feel, you are also like them. Nupur is sitting in front of the door. Chiku is crying.

Preface: Nupur argues with Milind. He closes Payal’s room. Nupur sits there crying. Chiku looks and thinks I didn’t see her cry alone, I’ll discover the secret behind the room.


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