Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with chiku pronouncing mini was misbehaving with nupur, is there any chance on my mum, no this shouldn’t show up. Nupur is leaving. Chiku is available in the front of the automobile. Kamini asks why did you stop our manner, what do you need now. Chiku says i just remembered, the kids have long past to their actual households, i have no one, i’m able to include you and live in your private home for few days, can i come, i promise i can go once i get first-rate. Subodh and kamini ask milind now not to agree. He says we will cope with her well.

Nupur and milind conform to take her. Mini thinks why is chiku coming home, she can make me depart the residence. Chiku thinks i need to see you now. Shashi sees payal’s p. C and gets unhappy. All of us comes domestic. Chiku hugs shashi and asks how are you. She talks to him fortuitously. He smiles seeing her. She says we are able to take bappa’s advantages, come. They pass and do the puja. She does tika to him. She takes his blessings. She says i’m able to play with you like earlier than. Mini stops chiku and scolds her. She says you need to cross returned from where you have got come, while you get nice, shashi is my dadu, escape. Nupur asks what are you doing, its incorrect.

Kamini says she is pronouncing right. Subodh says chiku is a thief, she will be able to’t live right here. Milind says chiku saved nupur’s lifestyles. Aai says sure, its our responsibility to keep her right here. Kamini says we gained’t feel secure right here. Subodh says either she will be able to stay here or we will stay. Mini says yes, if chiku remains here, then you may love her, i can go with kaka and kaki. Kamini says yes, nupur can overlook you for a stranger. Chiku assume why is she doing this. Milind says we haven’t any manner, we have to do this if we need to hold chiku right here. Subodh says chiku will live in servant zone now. Kamini asks why did you assert we are able to go away.

He says sorry, thanks you handled it properly. She says we have to plot something, else we will exit begging. He asks her now not to worry, chiku can’t declare that she is payal. Kamini says i should make nupur and chiku away, i’m able to ship mini to nupur. He says i hope she does the paintings. She says we have to simply scare her, see how she does the acting. Each person dines. Mini asks approximately nupur. Nupur is with chiku. Chiku does the cleaning. Nupur asks are you exceptional. Chiku says sure. Mini says she would have long gone to chiku. Milind says i’m able to feed you. Mini says i will just have meals by way of mum’s hand, i can live hungry. She throws the glass. They all get worried. Nupur feeds the food to chiku.

Chiku luckily cries. Nupur asks what befell. Chiku says i m happy, are you continue to disenchanted with me. Nupur says i’ve forgotten that, i m very glad to get payal again. Aai asks mini to chill out, nupur will come and feed her the meals. Mini creates a scene. Milind says chiku is hurt, calm down, you’ll get hurt. Mini says permit me get hurt, who cares for me, throw out chiku from here. Chiku asks is payal the same as you concept. Nupur says yes, i used to pray to get her, i got her. They sit down speakme. Nupur says i got the entirety i desired, i will pray which you get your mummy again. Chiku says i got my mummy.

nupur asks wherein is payal. Kamini blames chiku. Mini scolds chiku. Chiku says i’m able to have my mum’s love.


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