Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with all and sundry celebrating with Vini. Chiku thinks Vini lied that she is Payal. Subodh asks them to bop at the music. Milind asks Nupur to bop with their Payal. Nupur asks Vini to return back for dance. Vini says I can’t dance. Aai says she could be shy. Nupur says don’t be shy. Vini says I can’t. Aai says you’ve got got learnt dance from Nupur. Nupur says yes, you used to bop like me considering that childhood, come. Chiku cries. Nupur attempts to train Vini the dance. Vini isn’t capable of dance. Nupur thinks of Chiku. She thinks Payal is in the front of me and I m taking into account Chiku, I will train dance to my daughter, she stayed away for 7 years. Kamini sees Chiku there. She says what’s she doing here. Chiku holds Vini and receives angry. She says you lied to my mummy, why did you do this. He lighting pass off. Nupur and all and sundry don’t see Chiku.

Chiku shouts. Nupur says Chiku…. Milind says you’re speaking of Chiku, now no longer Payal. They search for Payal. Lights come. Nupur hugs Vini and asks are you fine, sorry. Kamini takes Chiku and says your mum isn’t here. Chiku says you already know I m Payal, Nupur is my mummy, I were given to understand all of the truth. Kamini thinks how did she understand this. Chiku says I will pass and inform her, she could be satisfied. Kamini says I won’t agree with you, you cheated Nupur. Chiku says permit me meet her once. Kamini says she is busy with Payal, she is so satisfied, she were given her daughter back, I will name the police and get you jailed. Chiku says name the police, name anyone, however I won’t pass, I ought to meet Nupur. Kamini asks don’t you want to peer her satisfied, she has forgotten you, she doesn’t pass over you, she were given her happiness after many years. Chiku sees Nupur satisfied.

Kamini asks her to head away, Nupur has generic that woman as Payal. She asks Chiku why does she need to interrupt her heart. Chiku says I love her, I won’t smash her heart, she is my mummy. Kamini says I don’t understand you’re her daughter or now no longer, in case you love her, you then definately won’t harm her. Chiku cries. Nupur receives blindfold and performs with the kids. Chiku comes there. Nupur catches her. She says I can experience you through your heartbeat always, in which did your tiara pass, I gets many tiara for you, I will devote my lifestyles to meet your wishes. Kamini and Vini appearance on worried. Nupur says I love you a lot Payal. Chiku cries. Nupur asks why are you crying. She eliminates the blindfold. Chiku runs away. Kamini smiles.

Chiku walks at the road. She remembers Nupur. Nupur suggests coconut laddoos to Vini. She says you had this laddoo, right. Vini says no, I don’t like it. Nupur says then how did one laddoo disappear. Chiku eats the laddoo and cries. She says I didn’t come to you, Kamini requested me to leave, I love you a lot, I can do some thing for you, you don’t understand that I m your Payal, live satisfied always.

Chiku says I will now no longer inform them that I m their Payal, don’t supply anxiety to my mummy. Vini says enough, I will see the way to deal with them. Chiku thinks Vini and Kamini is probably collectively on this plan, Nupur shouldn’t fall in any problem.


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