Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Rangoli saying Nupur has harmed me, I m fine, you tricked me and came to remain here, I was searching for you, you deceived me once more. Chiku says I didn’t leave you, I m with you, I came here to take my family, however Nupur provoked me to have a dance contest, she said she will send we all back to you in the event that I win, I need to remain here in the event that she wins, and I lost. She cries. Rangoli asks how might you lose, you are my girl, don’t lose, I need to go now, I will come and meet tomorrow, return with the children, fare thee well. She goes. Chiku cries and says I will deliver the retribution on Nupur.

Nupur gets back home. She gets stunned seeing the legal documents. Milind comes. She cries. Chiku figures Nupur will lose, Rangoli is with me. Nupur asks what’s this, tell me. She says you don’t need the separation, right. He says these papers have our names, wouldn’t you be able to see I marked it, sign it, I need to move away from you. Everybody looks on. Milind says this connection is as of now broken, I let you know we will have a youngster to get our lost joy back, you rejected, its fine, this is my choice. Nupur considers Payal. She says no Milind, my connection isn’t simply with you, however with this family additionally, these papers aren’t right. Milind says its our connection. She says I have a connection with your folks additionally, my heart is as yet alive, how might the relations pass on, I won’t ever take off from this house and family. She goes. Reema gets garments for Chiku and says you need to remain here at this point. Chiku tosses the garments and contend with the children.

They all request that Chiku take the garments and simply consent to Reema. Chiku goes out crying and sits close to the divider. Rangoli comes and asks her not to cry, simply do what she said. She says simply take the children and come. Chiku says the watchmen will not release us. Rangoli asks how could you stunt the police and take off from the house. Chiku says it was my area, this spot is extremely enormous. Rangoli says the structure is old, track down the secret approaches to exit. Chiku says yes. Rangoli says get the children and returned home, in the event that you act keen, I will dump you in the canister. Chiku says this time, I will do nothing, sure.

Nupur comes to meet the children. Reema asks how could you come unexpectedly early, is everything fine. Nupur says yes. Reema says I was really looking at the children’s expositions. Nupur says actually no, not currently, where is Chiku. The children grumble about Chiku. Chiku looks at the structure for some way.

Nupur says don’t break companionship with her, you need to sort the relations, else everything is gone. She cries and goes. Chiku grins seeing some leave entryway.

Precap: Chiku acts sweet with Nupur and says I need to say sorry and dance. Nupur figures how did Chiku change so much out of nowhere.


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