Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aao insulting Chiku. Nupur defends Chiku and cries. They hug. Nupur asks Aai now no longer to apply incorrect phrases for Chiku. She pacifies Chiku. Chiku is going. Nupur argues with Aai. Chiku says the entirety is occurring incorrect with Nupur. Milind asks in which is Nupur. He is going to Nupur and asks why are you crying. He greets Naresh and Abha. Aai says that is my upbringing, see how Nupur argued with me, and the way my son is treating you. Milind asks Naresh and Abha now no longer to thoughts Aai’s phrases. He receives water for them. He asks how did this happen. Chiku sits crying in her room. She says its due to my horrific luck, Nupur and her mother and father needed to get insulted.

She says how a whole lot will they tolerate due to me. Naresh apologizes to Milind. Nupur says I didn’t do something to make you ashamed, I didn’t do incorrect, don’t apologize, anything occurred is for a reason, what is inaccurate for me perhaps proper for you. Aai says you may’t forget about the emotions, you’re equipped to go away us for a stranger, you had been by no means ours, Nupur and this woman are right here for 4 days, you may take them with you in case you need these days itself. She says my son has given you that residence in charity, your proper on that residence will cease now, you’ve got got self esteem, you’ll vacate that residence, proper Nupur. She scolds Nupur.

Kamini smiles. Aai says you may entice Milind to your phrases, now no longer me, I won’t allow everybody use my son. Milind says please forestall it Aai. He apologizes to Naresh and Abha. Aai says I won’t allow them to use you. She offers them days time. She says I need that residence vacated in days, you may visit any chawl or road, else police will vacate that residence, I don’t care in case you get crushed up through police. Milind and Nupur worry. Chiku says Milind will take care of the entirety, I will cross and see. Aarav and Nivaan ask her how did she come in the residence. She says Milind were given me right here, he’s going to now no longer allow go away. They ask her to bet. She says fine. Milind says its incorrect, in which will they cross. Aai says you aren’t capable of see something, I won’t allow them to thieve something. Nupur says we can go away your private home forever, deliver us a few days time. The youngsters appearance on. Aarav says you need to lose now Chiku. Nupur receives dizzy. Milind says wait, I will speak to Aai. He holds her. She says this perhaps my plan, live farfar from me. Milind says nobody will go away from this residence. Chiku says we won’t cross. Aai insults Nupur’s mother and father and indicates their status. Abha says sufficient now, we’ve got heard it a lot, we aren’t beggars, we’ve got much less money, however we’re wealthy in questioning, person’s actual asset is his excessive questioning, now no longer money, sorry, your questioning could be very small, else you may’t insult a toddler in the front of mother and father.

She thank you Milind for giving them a roof. She blesses him. She says I should preserve Savitri’s phrases, we can take Nupur with us these days. Nupur hugs Abha. Kamini says she is scolding Aai and Milind is simply listening to it. Aai asks Milind to study them, how can he recognize Nupur’s mum. She says you higher preserve them with you, I will go away this residence and cross. He says you’re the inspiration of this residence, you may’t go away, you’ll live right here. He says Nupur, I won’t tolerate if everybody insults my mum. Nupur says we will recognize a person till a person doesn’t wreck their self esteem, my mother and father didn’t insult everybody, they simply covered their esteem, Aai had known as us thieves, looters and fraud, my mother and father are my pride, I can’t allow it break, anything happens, can’t you notice how Aai became insulting them. He asks what incorrect did I try this that is occurring with me, I m simply tolerating this. She says its my wish. She comes to a decision to go away. Chiku cries. Nupur asks her to come. Aarav says you lost, you need to cross. Shashi appears on. Nupur faints. Everyone holds her.

Nupur and Chiku see Payal’s % and speak. Chiku says I need this own circle of relatives to unite. Shashi sees her carrying Payal’s pendant and reacts. She asks what occurred to you.


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