Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rangoli threatening Hira and looking to break out from Hira. Hira asks the goons now no longer to harm Rangoli. Nupur hears Payal’s voice. She says mumma is coming. She is going to leap down the window. Milind comes and receives shocked. He saves Nupur. He cries. Kamini appears on. Rangoli and Chiku visit the terrace. Chiku asks who’s my actual mum, inform me. Rangoli slips down the terrace. Chiku holds her hand and says not anything will take place to you. She pulls Rangoli upwards. She asks are you fine, you will have fallen down, if some thing came about to you then…. Rangoli says you stored my life, I did so incorrect with you, you’re crying for me.

Chiku hugs her and says you’re my mummy. Rangoli says however now no longer actual mum, I did so terrible with you, I had robbed Nupur’s house, I burnt that diary, why did you keep me. Chiku says I love you a lot, I realize you probably did desirable matters for me, you acquire me from the dustbin and saved you with you, you raised me and gave me desirable friends, we ought to constantly recollect if absolutely each person does desirable, I need to thank you, thanks. She hugs Rangoli. Rangoli cries. She says you continue to like me. Chiku says yes, you’re my mummy. Rangoli says however I m now no longer your actual mum, you realize it. Chiku cries. Rangoli says I m now no longer desirable, you’re desirable, you forced me to change, that’s why every body loves you. They hug and cry. She says I m going to inform you some thing imp, approximately your life. Milind asks what are you doing. Nupur asks why did you forestall me, Payal is harm, permit me visit her, she is asking me. He says don’t go, Payal is dead, she isn’t here. He hugs her and cries.

Rangoli says you realize your actual mummy…. Hira and goons come. Hira catches Rangoli and laughs on her. She says I turned into listening to your talks, Rangoli, inform Chiku, from in which did you get her. She says Rangoli loves to make stories, she doesn’t realize to inform the truth, Rangoli had abducted Chiku and all of the children from their houses. Chiku says Rangoli can’t do this, she can’t make me farfar from my actual mummy. She asks Rangoli to say, she didn’t do this. Rangoli cries. Chiku asks why did you do this, you abducted us from our houses, you made our mother and father cry, why. Rangoli says concentrate to me. Chiku says no, I notion you’re a terrific person.

Rangoli says Hira is the lady who instructed me to kidnap you all, she is making plans to ship you all withinside the different country, I determined I will now no longer permit her do this, I took you all and ran away, its the truth, I saved you all effectively with me, I m a terrible lady, I did incorrect with you, I actually have raised you all. Chiku says you ought to have back us to our actual families, fine, why did you mislead us, why did you do this, you simply desired money, you do terrible work. Rangoli says I love you all, why don’t you understand. She beats the goons. Hira and Rangoli fight. Rangoli says include me. Chiku refuses. Rangoli says include me, don’t get stubborn, provide me one chance, I will restore everything. Chiku says no. Rangoli says I realize who’s your mummy. Chiku asks what did you say, you realize, will you inform me. Rangoli says you met her, you’ve got got visible her, you realize her. Chiku asks the name. Rangoli says Nupur Joshi, she is your mummy. Chiku receives shocked.

Chiku and all of the children get unfastened and run to satisfy their mother and father. Hira attempts to kidnap the children. Chiku asks Vini to run and provide the locket to her mummy, inform her Payal is alive. Vini meets Nupur and says my mum gave me this locket. Milind and Nupur smile and say Payal..


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