Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Chiku saying Nupur is a terrible aunt. The children acclaim Nupur. Chiku says she takes kids. The children say she resembles a Devimaa. Chiku says Rangoli said this is an apparition house, you can fail to remember her, yet I realize she is so tragic. Nupur makes coconut laddoos. Tanki says Chiku don’t become Dadi amma.

The children dance. Chiku figures Nupur may have done wizardry by taking care of the coconut laddoos. Nupur says my enchanted laddoos are prepared. Reema says the children and Chiku can’t get saved by its enchantment. Chiku hears this and says I was correct. Nupur goes to get kesar. She says enchantment impact will be deficient without her. Nupur calls Milind. He doesn’t reply. He says Aai, I will converse with Nupur when she returns. Nupur’s vehicle tire gets penetrated.

Rangoli goes to take the satchel. She thinks and takes the keys impression. Nupur considers Reema and says my vehicle tire got penetrated. Chiku thinks to toss the coconut laddoos. She thinks to eat one. She stops and tosses the laddoos in the receptacle. Nupur and everybody come. Nupur admonishes her for tossing the laddoos.

Chiku says you did enchantment on them as of now. Nupur asks what are you saying. Chiku says you controlled them by enchantment, I will cause you to lose in dance rivalry and return my companions to mummy, it will happen tomorrow, I will win. Nupur says you are a child, I m your mummy in dance, its difficult to overcome me, the very best. The children reprimand Chiku for tossing the laddoos. Chiku says I m not desirous, I love all of you. They all contend.

Chiku protects Rangoli. Blossom inquires as to for what reason did you acknowledge the dance contest without asking us. Chiku says we will win the opposition. Bloom says in the event that you win, we will go with you, else you need to remain here with us. Chiku concurs. They request that she practice alone. Reema asks did you converse with Milind. Milind hangs tight for Nupur. Reema says I figure you should remain at home for quite a while, I don’t need your connection to get ruined due to this change home. Nupur asks her not to stress. She sees the children incapable to get a rest. She requests that Reema see them. She messages Milind that she has work, she needs to remain back for much time.

Aai requests that Milind have food, Nupur will not come, she could do without him. Milind says I m not ravenous at this point. Aai expresses easily overlooked details break a connection. Kamini figures I will make contrasts between them. Subodh says I m with you. Nupur goes to the children and sings a children’s song. Chiku thinks I heard this children’s song. Rangoli comes there. Nupur makes everybody rest. She embraces Chiku and rests. Aai makes Milind rest. Rangoli sees Nupur with Chiku.

Precap: Chiku and Nupur have a dance rivalry. Chiku tumbles down and loses. She stresses. The children embrace Nupur. Milind says we will have a youngster once more. Nupur declines. Milind requests that she think what she needs to go, she needs to keep looking through Payal or break connection with him.


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