Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Chiku telling the whole thing to Rangoli. She says Nupur didn’t agree with me and threw me out of the house, its due to you. Rangoli thinks Hira shouldn’t understand this, I understand this secret, I were given a lottery. She consoles Chiku. She says anything passed off is good. Chiku says I can’t see Nupur sad. Rangoli hugs her and says this passed off due to our situation, I changed into helpless, what ought to I do, inform me, I don’t have any different option, I m sincerely bad, I actually have harm your heart, I m sorry, I misplaced all of the children, anyone left me alone. Chiku hugs her and says don’t cry, I m with you.

Milind is going to console Nupur. She says anyone is disillusioned due to me. Aai and Kamini come there. Chiku says all of the children are right here, who were given you right here. Rangoli says I got here right here to shop the children, Hira could be very dangerous, she were given me locked right here, I don’t understand approximately the children, you need to do some thing for me, will you do it. Chiku says yes, I will do it for you, Nupur informed me that I m very good, my actual mum can’t sell off me, a person could have stolen me, I ought to locate my actual mummy, every time I get Hira’s diary, I will discover my actual mum, that diary has all info of the children, will you assist me. Rangoli thinks I can’t permit Chiku understand her actual mummy.

Aai asks Milind to have food. He says its higher that we had died and reached Payal. Aai asks what passed off to you. He says my sorrow is bigger. Kamini says they each want time to pop out of this trauma, Aai include me, sorry Milind. They go. Rangoli says you won’t do this, Hira is dangerous, if she is aware of which you have come right here, she can be able to kill you. Chiku insists. Rangoli says I understand Hira well, she is dangerous, she can be able to kill me after which body you. She emotionally blackmails Chiku. She says swear on me, I cherished you greater than different children, in case you love me, then you definitely won’t do this, you won’t threat anyone’s life. Subodh asks Aai to take rest. He asks Kamini to deal with the work. Aai says she is dealing with the whole thing. She is going. Subodh says I changed into simply appearing in the front of Aai, she need to understand we take care of her. Kamini says nice, what did medical doctor say. Subodh says medical doctor stated Nupur’s intellectual nation is bad, we’ve got to attend to her. She receives glad. The children have food. They speak approximately Hira. Chiku seems on. She thinks of Nupur. She prays to bappa. She cries and says I ought to scouse borrow the diary and ruin my promise to Rangoli, sorry, don’t worry, not anything will occur to me, I will loose Rangoli also.

Rangoli says deliver me one chance, I will repair the whole thing, I understand your mummy, Nupur is your mum, display this locket whilst you meet her, he’ll recognize which you are her Payal. Chiku cries in shock.


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