Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Hira making a song a song. She feeds a betel to Rangoli. She scares her. Rangoli spits the betel listening to approximately poison. Hira says I m joking, you obtain scared, I actually have raised you. Rangoli says you sincerely scared me. Hira says I taught all of the youngsters now no longer to get scared, higher die, how can I kill you, I actually have imp paintings with you, I need imp data from you, I will settle antique ratings later. Rangoli thinks what information does she need. Hira says I needed to live away for 7 years due to you, I m now no longer killing you, I will forgive you in case you supply me information. Rangoli asks whose data do you need. Hira says Payal Joshi. Rangoli remembers Nupur. She thinks why is she asking approximately Payal.

Hira says you abducted a three yr antique lady Payal Joshi, Milind and Nupur’s daughter, I need her cope with proper away, will you get it. Milind asks Nupur to stop. Nupur falls down the stairs. He holds her. She says permit me cross and discover Payal. He says your foot is harm, you get best first, I will include you. She says you’re a liar, you popular that Payal is dead, I won’t receive this, you constantly take the smooth way, I will fight, Payal could be looking forward to me. He says police has checked the site, Payal is dead. She says she is alive, permit me cross please. He says you don’t harm yourself, attempt to apprehend, depart this desire now. Nupur says take a seat down right here and mourn, do anything, I will cross and meet Payal. He cries.

Aai says relax Nupur. Nupur prays to Bappa. She says you constantly pay attention to people who trust you, go back me my Payal. She cries. She says I will discover her and display everybody that she is alive. Milind receives a jug of water. He throws at Nupur’s face. He says she isn’t alive, she is dead. Nupur says I will visit Payal and discover her. He sits crying. Chiku says I need that diary earlier than Hira comes. Rangoli asks what is going to you do understanding approximately the lady. Hira says you acted smart, I were given to close my business, however I got here returned and my destiny became good, Payal’s mother and father got here to fulfill me and provided me money, I can forgive you, I need Payal’s cope with, I will come up with a commission. Rangoli thinks Hira can by no means spare her enemies, after I inform her the cope with, she can be able to kill me. Hira says you won’t get any such danger again.

Rangoli says I will let you know approximately Payal, I actually have raised her, I don’t realize wherein is she, she cheated me and ran away, however don’t worry, I will discover her out, I will ask my guys to discover her, supply me five days, I gets her. Hira says I realize you may do this. She scares Rangoli. She says simply five days, however you may live right here. Rangoli asks how will I discover her then. The goon locks Rangoli. Hira says I will depart you in case you do my paintings, else I will kill you, assume wherein is my lottery ticket. She is going. Rangoli receives angry. Chiku involves Hira’s room. She sees the chest. She exams and doesn’t get the diary. Hira comes making a song. Chiku hides in the chest. Hira receives the diary. Chiku seems on. Hira is going to the chest. She turns away and is going from a few mystery door. Chiku says which is that this door inner that wall, I must exit from right here. She runs away. She involves a few room. She falls and sees Rangoli there. Rangoli asks what are you doing right here, you had been playing as Nupur’s daughter, proper, why did you return back returned. Chiku says I needed to come right here due to you. She cries.

Rangoli says supply me a danger, I will restoration everything. Chiku says you’re lying. Rangoli says I realize your mummy’s name, Nupur Joshi, display this locket to her, she can be able to apprehend which you are her Payal. Chiku cries.


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