Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Nupur staying hungry and feeding the whole meals to Chiku. She simply beverages water. Milind leaves the meals and asks the own circle of relatives to eat. He is going. Kamini says we’re simply having meals to expose normalcy to the kids, we also are concerned for Milind. Aai asks what shall I do for him, I need him to be happy. Kamini says Nupur will try and lure her, we must discover a woman for Milind, we must get a choti bahu who doesn’t try and dominate elders like Nupur. Nupur receives Rohan’s call. Rohan says organizers could be satisfied in case you carry out of their event, they can’t come up with the money for a well-known performer like you. Nupur says its okay, I will take much less cash. Chiku listen them. Rohan says sorry, you had been farfar from the degree for long. Nupur says thank you you tried. Chiku receives flora for Nupur. Nupur says its beautiful. Chiku says we were given an excellent event, we ought to cross and carry out dance, we ought to dance as one team, now no longer your Kathak, my Dhinchak dance, we are able to stop this cash issue.

Chiku receives Nupur to satisfy Pintia. She says he gave me an excellent issue. Pintia asks them to have bhajiya. Chiku eats and says its accurate. Nupur says thank you, I don’t need. Pintia says its a woman’s birthday party, its a wealthy own circle of relatives, they need an elegant dance. Nupur says no, you’re mistaken, I m a classical dancer. He says I recognize you, however classical isn’t preferred via way of means of people, they need Dhamaal. Chiku says cash must be solid. He says it is going to be accurate cash. He writes it on a paper. Nupur says 50000. She says if they may be wealthy and classy, they might recognize classical dance. Chiku says we are able to dance on accurate songs, we are able to paintings difficult and feature accurate meals. Nupur thinks I m satisfied that Chiku recollects my words. She smiles. Pintia says then we are able to meet tomorrow. Chiku asks Nupur to examine the call of the own circle of relatives.

Nupur says Rashi Panchwani. Milind says you all cross in Rashi’s party, I even have meetings. Aai says its a birthday party. Kamini says perhaps they need to paintings with us, you must come Milind, it is going to be accurate for our company, you’re the company’s new face. Subodh says absolutely. Kamini says Milind gets a change. Shashi nods. Milind says if dad wishes me to move, then I will definitely cross. Milind is going. Aai thank you Lord and prays for Milind. Subodh asks who’s Mandira. Kamini says as soon as Milind receives into a brand new relation, Nupur and Payal could be away. Kamini thank you Rashi at the call. Rashi says Mandira is my sister, I wish this plan works, Milind’s divorce is certain to happen, right. Kamini says yes, don’t take tension, we are able to meet tomorrow.

Nupur and Chiku go away in a taxi. Milind and own circle of relatives come to satisfy Rashi’s own circle of relatives. Kamini introduces Mandira to Milind. Kamini says you sould meet Milind, now no longer examine approximately him, you each must maintain meeting. Milind and Mandira have a talk. Aai asks what are we doing. Kamini says allow them to talk, they appearance accurate together, if they prefer every other, then we can’t get a higher woman than Mandira. Aai says it is going to be accurate for Milind and our own circle of relatives if this relation receives fixed, he’s going to cast off Nupur. Nupur and Chiku get ready. Chiku asks her now no longer to worry. She says we are able to dance as one team, we are able to now no longer compete, it is going to be fun. Nupur hugs her. Chiku says I need to bop well, while will they start. Nupur says its accurate to begin on time, I didn’t inform anybody at domestic that we’ve come here, predominant door gets locked soon. Chiku asks her now no longer to worry. She is going to get water. Pintia asks Chiku to move for the overall performance. Mandira compliments Milind. He thank you her. Rashi’s husband says its Rashi’s birthday today, I even have organized a unique overall performance for her, this one is for Rashi, please enjoy. Nupur and Chiku come at the degree and dance. Milind and own circle of relatives get stunned seeing Nupur. Nupur sees them and worries. Chiku holds Nupur.

Chiku and Nupur dance. Milind receives indignant and beverages. Kamini is going to inform Rashi. The guys ask Nupur to bop and whole the show. Milind angrily beats up the guy. Nupur cries.


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