Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Hira announcing I don’t need t see any %, simply move from here. Milind says see it as soon as, perhaps you may recognize approximately her. Hira scolds them and asks them to depart. She says you misplaced your daughter on her birthday and were given her % here, why will I recognize approximately her, who despatched her here, inform me. She talks nonsense. She asks them to depart.

Nupur stops her stitching machine. She scolds Hira for breaking people’s families. She says you kidnap little children, lead them to beg cash, you narrow their limbs and destroy their lives, aren’t you fearful of Lord, I assume Lord gave you a stone alternatively heart, I m looking for my daughter considering the fact that 7 years, I can’t stay and die with out Payal, simply due to you, inform me wherein is Payal. Milind says she is worried, simply inform me in case you recognize approximately her. Nupur says she is aware of the entirety, however she isn’t announcing.

She asks how tons do you need, what number of crores, I need Payal back, I recognize you understand approximately her. Milind says inform us in case you recognize anything. They move. Chiku hears Vini speakme approximately Hira. Vini says Dolly stated one that involves Hira, in no way is going out of here. Tanki says Hira stuck Chiku, don’t recognize what is going to show up of her. Chiku says you’ll recognize approximately Hira. Vini says I don’t recognize anything. Chiku thinks I ought to discover a manner to speak to her.

She asks will you turn out to be my friend. Vini says this occurs with us additionally if we visit Hira’s room. Chiku asks why do you move there in case you recognize you may get punished, what’s there in her room, fine, don’t inform me in case you don’t need. Vini says every person’s mother and father information are written withinside the diary. Chiku says it’s going to have my mother and father information additionally. Vini says yes, I heard Hira speakme approximately it, we went to discover it, however didn’t get it, ultimate time Hira has crushed me and locked me here, we don’t move out.

Hira tests a diary. She says I recognize the entirety, and wrote it accurate in my diary. She tests Payal’s web page and sees Rangoli’s name. She says it is going to be tons fun. Nupur says she become lying, Mangla become right. Milind says we want her, she is foxy and a liar, as soon as we discover Payal, then I recognize what to do with her. Milind receives Aai’s call. Aai asks him to return back domestic fast. He asks is the entirety fine. She asks him to return back fast. Hira says this lady could be very rich, I will discover you and get tons cash out of your mother and father.

Chiku says I will discover a few manner and get that diary from Hira. Rangoli thinks of Chiku’s words. She says Chiku become coaching me now no longer to rob the jewellery, she is taking part in her lifestyles in Joshi house, and I m suffering here, I will now no longer depart her. She receives Hira’s call. She asks who’re you. Hira sings a song. Rangoli is shocked.

Hira threatens her. She asks Rangoli to return back and meet her. Milind and Nupur come domestic. They see every person crying. Milind asks inspector why did he come. Subodh says inspector were given a awful news. Inspector says we determined a 10 yr antique lady’s lifeless frame on the bus twist of fate site, she become badly burnt, I were given this locket from her. Kamini says that become our Payal. Aai says I didn’t assume this can show up. They all cry. Milind and Nupur are shocked. Kamini says inform them that this isn’t Payal’s locket. Nupur suits Payal’s locket in her locket. It receives fit. Nupur is shocked.

Rangoli says provide me a chance, I will restoration the entirety, I recognize your mummy, Nupur Joshi, she is your mummy, display this locket to her, she can be able to recognize you’re her Payal. Chiku cries.


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