Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Subodh making Milind drink earlier than the puja times. Everyone is anticipating Milind. Nupur worries. Chiku says Milind will come, don’t worry. Subodh receives Kamini’s message and leaves. He is going to Aai and lies. Milind comes downstairs in a drunken state. Aai sees him and worries. She scolds Nupur and asks her to go away the puja. Chiku is going to her room. She receives a plan and is going to Milind. Aai pacifies Milind and asks him to return back returned to senses, till then she won’t speak to him. She asks him to remember, if he can’t manage the scenario, then the scenario controls him. Chiku enters Milind’s room to throw out the wine bottles. Milind comes. She says I stored my promise that I won’t display my face, I actually have protected my face via way of means of a mask. He asks why did you return back right here. She says I actually have come to smooth the room. He says a person else will do the work. She says you purchased scolded via way of means of your mum, so that you have a awful mood, and a hangover. He says I requested you now no longer to apply this word. She says I requested you now no longer to drink. He asks her to go away. Nupur comes and asks him now no longer to act badly with Chiku.

They argue. Chiku says I m fine. Nupur asks her to move out. She asks what are you doing. He blames her for it. Chiku says they were given right into a combat due to me, the fault right here is of that alcohol, I will throw away all of the bottles, wherein are the bottles. She is going to find. Nupur says you had promised Payal that you may in no way drink, you had damaged the promise. He says I simply broke one promise, don’t recognize what number of did you break. She asks him to have water. He refuses. She says I will rub down your head. He says forestall your drama, you don’t take care of me. She says fine, you don’t agree with my words, look at my eyes, our togetherness is because 12 years. Chiku thinks how shall I cross in Subodh’s room. Subodh and Kamini drink. He praises her plan. She says we need to make Milind susceptible and alone, we’ve got to reveal Nupur and Chiku the manner out of the house. Someone pats Chiku.

Nupur says we’ve got in no way allow our relation fall apart, what has occurred now. Milind says that’s beyond now, I need to transport on. She says you may go away me and need to transport on. He asks what’s your problem, what’s our relation, is there whatever left. Kitni baatein…plays… He says we don’t have any relation left now, don’t interrupt in my life’s decisions. He leaves.

Aarav and Nivaan ask Chiku what’s she going. She says nothing, I m a large fan of your mum and dad, they live in fashion always. They smile. Aarav says we’re wealthy people, so we are able to behave like wealthy. Chiku says then your mother and father could drink as well, right. Nivaan asks why are you asking approximately them. Aarav asks are you spying. They factor the toy weapons at her. She runs away. Kamini asks what’s happening. Aarav says we made that undercover agent away, Chiku changed into roaming right here.

Kamini asks what changed into she asking. Aarav says she changed into praising a lot, she requested a humorous question, do you drink alcohol. Subodh hides the wine glass. Nivaan says we scared her and make her run away. Kamini offers them toffees and sends them. Subodh says I will see that female. Kamini says calm down, there perhaps many motives that she is seeking out wine. He asks what reason. She says I will make it a reason. Kamini is going to the kitchen. Nupur sends the meals for Chiku. Kamini spills water on Nupur. Nupur is going to change. Kamini scolds the servant. She asks him to move and smooth her room. She makes Chiku listen the talks. Chiku enters Kamini’s room and says I will now no longer go away any bottle right here. She takes all of the alcohol bottles in a bag. She says I m now no longer stealing, I m doing this to assist Milind. She takes the bottles to the alternative room and hides. Everyone dines. Kamini says I forgot my telecellsmartphone withinside the room. She is going returned. She sees Chiku there and shouts. Chiku receives tensed.

Aai asks Nupur to take the female away. Milind additionally asks the same. Nupur takes Chiku with her. Milind sits drinking..


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