Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Nupur pronouncing what is going to we do if we fail to discover Payal. Milind says we are able to attempt our pleasant to discover her. He hugs her. Aai says someone can attempt, however end result isn’t in his hands, then it offers sorrow, we had established that Payal isn’t anyt any more. He says I understand, however I noticed Nupur breaking down nowadays due to Chiku’s leaving, her existence has one aim, that’s to discover Payal, I can’t allow her agree with break, I love her, we ought to be collectively for an aim, else this relation can’t move ahead. She says I m with you, in case you small attempt can provide us hope,

I m afraid that this attempt can fail. He says I m leaving the end result to Lord, I simply need to assist Nupur, bless me. Aai hugs and blesses him. Kamini seems on and receives angry. Subodh argues with her. He says Milind could be very determined, he can discover that Chiku is Payal, nobody can forestall him, we misplaced our savings. She says we are able to nevertheless forestall him from locating his daughter, Payal has to die.

Subodh asks what do you suggest, you suggest we are able to homicide Chiku. She says yes. He receives shocked. Chiku asks the person did he see her actual mum dumping her withinside the trash bin, who’s her actual mum. The guy scolds her and asks her to run away. She asks the purifier guy approximately the infants dumped withinside the bin. He says I m worn-out counting such infants, the arena is such bad. She cries. She asks others approximately her actual mum. Milind and Nupur meet the inspector.

Milind says we need you to reopen Payal’s case. Inspector says I already labored loads in this case, I will reopen it in case you need. Chiku sits on the street and cries. Nupur visits the orphanage. She sees a woman and calls her Chiku. Chiku sits at the roadside and cries. Nupur is sad. Milind takes her home. Its morning, Chiku is at the way. She sees Milind and Nupur going withinside the car. She sees Tanki begging on the street. Some goons come there and take him withinside the car. Chiku additionally sits withinside the car. The goons deliver them somewhere.

Milind and Nupur meet ACP. ACP tells approximately Hira Amma, she will resolve Payal’s case. Chiku follows the goons. She sees the goons scolding Tanku and scaring him approximately Hira. She thinks who’s Hira. ACP says Hira kidnaps youngsters and makes them beg at the roads, youngsters are like toys for her. Nupur asks how is Payal related to Hira. ACP says Hira had run away while Payal became abducted, we are able to discover, Rangoli had abducted Chiku, Hira had come returned after 7 years. Milind says Payal became abducted 7 years returned. ACP says we are able to discover from Hira. Hira scolds one in all her goon. Chiku seems on and receives scared.

span style=”color: #ff00ff;”>Precap:
Chiku says Hira is aware of my actual mum, I need to discover her. Inspector says I were given this locket from a ten 12 months vintage woman’s lifeless body. Nupur says we misplaced our Payal. She cries and hugs Milind.


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