Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Chiku telling Nupur approximately a drunkard guy residing withinside the locality. Nupur says Milind doesn’t drink always, I will clean this up. She cries. Chiku thinks Milind has to prevent speakme to Nupur in anger. She says I sense sleepy, I will pass and sleep. She runs upstairs. Nupur cries and recollects his words.

Kamini asks did you notice how Milind scolded Nupur, it turned into a lot fun, you probably did the first-class today, we need to try this soon, earlier than Chiku’s reality comes, we need to throw her out, we need to separate Milind and Nupur. Milind beverages and cries. He says I had the first-class spouse and first-class daughter, however now the whole thing is ruined. Chiku receives a tumbler of water for him. He asks how dare you return back here. She says sorry, I simply got here to offer you water, drink it. He shouts get out.

She says I won’t pass till you drink the water. He beverages and shouts pass away. He falls asleep. She says Milind and Nupur are handsome like hero and heroine, who sleeps at the mattress carrying footwear. She eliminates his footwear and makes him sleep. She takes the alcohol to trash it. She says properly night. Kamini takes the alcohol bottles. Subodh says I can’t percentage my high-priced series of alcohol with Milind. She says you could purchase greater in case you get the property, you need to make Milind drink everyday.

He nods. Chiku involves Nupur. Nupur says I will sing a lullaby to make you sleep. Chiku asks her to sing the music which she sings for Milind. Nupur sings do pal…. Milind cries in his room. Nupur imagines him. He imagines her. She is going to his room. They attain the door and doesn’t see every other. Its morning, Chiku comes to satisfy Milind. She asks him to drink water. He asks her to pass.

She says I actually have eliminated your footwear at night. He asks her to get out. She says you’ve got got a hangover, I didn’t like something I actually have visible yesterday. He says I don’t care. She says elders prevent children from doing wrong, however elders shouldn’t drink, its a horrific habit, you had been stumbling, I actually have visible you taking walks in fashion like a hero. He asks her to leave. She says fine, promise me, you won’t drink again. He asks why, who’re you to me. She says you don’t want to see my face, I won’t are available the front of you in case you promise me.

He says fine, promise, I won’t drink. She asks really. He says yes, pass now. He shuts the door. He says I can’t tolerate this girl. Chiku thinks to offer the coolest information to Nupur. She dances happily. Milind receives ready. He thinks Aai could be expecting me. Subodh comes and says we had deliberate to cheers together, its sunday today, what are you thinking. Milind says no. Subodh says I leave out the vintage Milind, we used to take a seat down and drink each sunday, I recognise you’ve got got grown up, I need to now no longer get adamant, I need to be given which you have changed. Milind stops him and says fine, we are able to have beer and enjoy, simply one glass. Subodh hugs him and serves the beer. Milind recollects Chiku’s words.

Nupur says you promised that you may in no way drink, why did you wreck it. Milind asks her now no longer to are available his way. Kamini sees Chiku in her room..


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