Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Nupur crying. Milind holds her and says Chiku cheated us. He asks Chiku to move farfar from them. Chiku says you agree with me right. Nupur says you broke the agree with, our relation ended forever. Chiku says no, what are you saying, I m sorry. Nupur says you didn’t inform Rangoli’s name, it turned into my mistake to get you here, I will rectify it, I will make you out of this house. Shashi symptoms and symptoms no. Nupur ousts Chiku. Shashi cries. Chiku says I m sorry, don’t oust me like this, agree with me. Nupur says you’re my life’s largest mistake, you broke my love and agree with, I will by no means forgive you, you can’t cheat the only you love, you cheated me for Rangoli’s sake, pass farfar from here. She shuts the door and faints down. Milind and Aai ask her what happened. Everyone concerns for Nupur. Chiku cries and knocks the door. Milind says its okay, its higher to endure the surprise than residing a lie. Kamini says this female isn’t going. Aai says this female can have an effect on Nupur badly, take Nupur to the room, be with her.

Kamini and Subodh scold Chiku. She asks Chiku to move away. Nupur thinks of Chiku and cries. Chiku additionally cries. Nupur apologizes to Aai and touches her feet. She says I fought you for Chiku, I m sorry. Aai says I can forgive you, however you’ve got got harm Milind, I can’t forgive you for that, he went towards me and supported you, he constantly cherished you. Nupur apologizes to Milind. She says I can’t forgive myself, I will do my first-rate to store my marriage, forgive me once. She tears their divorce papers. She says I promise, I will by no means go away you ever. Aai says you observed and say. Nupur says my coronary heart and thoughts opened today, I swear on my mum and dad, I m prepared to do some thing to store this marriage. Aai says fine, now do as I say.

Chiku cries and says Nupur can’t do this. She leaves from there. Aai asks Nupur to burn Chiku’s things. Nupur receives shocked. Aai asks her to show her word. Nupur lighting the hearthplace and cries. Aai asks Nupur to vow and take rounds. Milind stops Aai. Aai says wait. Nupur agrees. She takes rounds and guarantees Milind that she can be able to constantly think about Milind’s happiness, she can be able to preserve Milind earlier than herself, she can be able to appreciate him and strive her first-rate to satisfy his wish, its her life’s purpose now, I be given those guarantees with the aid of using my coronary heart. Aai hugs her. They all smile.

Chiku walks on the street and cries. She says absolutely each person leaves me and goes, its enough, I will discover my actual mum.


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