Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Nupur saying ‘sorry’ to Shashi. She says my heart lets me know that Payal is near me. Chiku moves and practices. Nupur enlightens Shashi concerning Chiku and her dance rivalry. She says I need to go to NGO today, its demon, I need somebody to let me know that I m doing right. She cries. He holds her. She says you favored me, much obliged, I will help those children, then, at that point, Lord me join me with Payal. She goes. The children joke on Chiku and outrage her. Sulab insults her.

Milind blows up and tosses the telephone. Aai asks him not to vent Nupur’s annoyance on another person, she will not change. Kamini says Milind spoilt her. She tells about some couple and requests that Milind separate from Nupur. Milind says we will sort our own concern. Aai says we don’t need to break the connection to fix it. Kamini says I figure we should break it for everybody’s advancement, Nupur ought to have interest in keeping the connection.

Sulab says we need to remain here, you ought to lose. Kamini says I figure Milind should separate from Nupur, you know the rest. Chiku converses with Rangoli seeing the chain. Nupur comes and urges her not really settled. Chiku says I love dance. Nupur says the very best for the opposition. Chiku says you hush up about your desires. Aai asks is Kamini saying right, did Milind and Nupur’s connection ruin to such an extent. Nupur slips and falls back. Chiku holds her hand. The children come to help. Nupur’s chain falls there. Nupur says everybody is fine, all of you proceed to play. They search for their chains. Chiku picks her chain. Nupur gets her chain and wears it.

Nupur says Chiku needs to win to make Rangoli win, yet she ought to lose to remain here. Rangoli goes to the NGO and says I will take Chiku and children with me. She consumes a smoke can. Chiku and Nupur dance in the opposition. Reema and the children watch them. To aaj yaar ghar pe boldo… … .plays… ..

Rangoli tosses the smoke can inside. The watchmen rush to see. Rangoli grins. She says until this smoke spreads, I will remove my children and run, nobody will know. Chiku reviews everybody’s words and gets occupied. She tumbles down. Nupur wins. Everybody applauds Nupur. Rangoli gets injured by the smoke can and shouts. She blacks out down. Reema says you won Nupur. Nupur says I advised you, you are a child. Chiku flees. Everybody rushes to embrace Nupur.

The gatekeepers say perhaps a few children had tossed this to have a good time. Chiku cries and race to the entryway. She says somebody open the entryway, I flopped today, I was unable to join my family. Rangoli comes there and meets her. Chiku grins seeing her.

Precap: Chiku moves as a comedian to persuade the children. He says we will shock Nupur on her marriage commemoration, I will move to say sorry to Nupur. Nupur takes a gander at her.


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