Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

YChikoo Ki Mummy 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Chiku laying down with Nupur. Rangoli comes and sees every one of the children resting. She gets miserable and leaves. Chiku gets up in the first part of the day. She yells seeing Nupur. She admonishes her. The children awaken. Chiku contends with Nupur and runs out. Nupur sees the time. She returns home. Milind and everybody sit tight for her.

Nupur comes and says Milind, I… He asks are you sorry, you didn’t get back home the entire evening, I m tired hearing your sorry. She says I m truly feeling sorry, I nodded off while making the children rest. Aai says you rested, Milind couldn’t rest as a result of you, what do you need. Kamini insults Nupur. Nupur contends with her. Subodh requests that she recall her habits.

Nupur says Kamini failed to remember humankind. Milind says enough, Kamini is correct. Aai says Milind cried a great deal as a result of you, you weren’t my decision, however I acknowledged you, he remained content with you, he is distraught now, you are harming him. Milind and Nupur contend. She says you comprehend me the best, I m actually a mother, I m not playing a mother’s down, in the event that I help the children, somebody will help Payal.

He says you need to demonstrate that just you are harmed, I m her father, I m likewise hurt, wouldn’t you be able to see Aai and father’s aggravation, wouldn’t you be able to see my aggravation, I lost my little girl and spouse moreover. Nupur says I can see the aggravation, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to see that I m not a foe of this house, I need Payal to return. He says you need us to feel like guardians, fine, we will have another child and make another beginning. Aai says you said it right, your child can get satisfaction the house.

Milind asks Nupur is she prepared to have a youngster. Nupur says no, until I discover Payal, how might you suspect as much. Aai admonishes her. Nupur says I can’t swindle Payal. Milind says you are egotistical, you simply care for yourself, you don’t consider anybody, else you would have not wouldn’t give this joy to me.

She says Payal isn’t a toy to supplant her, I will discover her and bring her back. He says you are picking your determination by keeping our marriage and family to the side. She says no, I m picking Payal, the day I get her covered, you will comprehend, till then you consider anything, I couldn’t care less. She goes.

The children acclaim Nupur. Chiku says I will overcome Nupur in the dance contest. Chiku practice dance. Sulab stops the music. He says you can’t rehearse here. Chiku says I will rehearse by one way or another. Tanki says we will play. Sulab says whoever needs Chiku to lose, come and sit.

The children get against Chiku. She tumbles down. The children say you will not win. Nupur and Chiku appeal to Bappa. Rangoli additionally petitions Bappa and cries. She says I will rebuff you for your error, I will leave the love, I will this fight with Nupur, that too without you, I promise to consume any individual who comes in my manner. Chiku gets a chain on the floor. She takes it. She says mum’s memento, it implies mummy had come here. She cries.

Precap: Chiku says I moved away from mummy. Rangoli comes and meets her. She says you need to bring every one of the children out. Chiku and Nupur embrace. She figures I will do as Rangoli advised me.


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