Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki

Chikoo Ki Mummy 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Nupur awakening from the rest. She sees Milind resting on the love seat. She sees the smoke and asks what’s the smoke. She gets stunned seeing the toys consuming. Kamini asks how did this fire get lit. Nupur says you did this. Kamini says I didn’t do this, I just kept the toys here, I will get water. She proceeds to figure you will see Payal’s fav doll consuming. Chiku and Sulab stress. They get terrified seeing the rodents. Nupur sees Payal’s doll. She pours water and passes over the fire. Sulab blacks out down. Chiku yells. Nupur gets her chain. She says something wrong is going on, its some sign. Rangoli returns home. She gets down on Chiku. She doesn’t see Chiku and Sulab. She gets Chiku’s drawing. She says it implies they have gone to Nupur by their desire. Chiku says nobody can help me, I need to help myself. She attempts to climb and tumbles down. Nupur goes to the NGO. She says something wrong is occurring, the children are in issue. Chiku supplicates. She climbs upwards. Nupur comes there and sees her. She asks are you fine. Chiku says Sulab is inside.

Its morning, Nupur deals with Chiku. Chiku opens eyes and sees her. She says I didn’t get you here, you came here yourself. Chiku says its a phantom house, I need to meet my companions. Nupur requests that she take rest. Chiku says quit acting to really focus on us, I realize my companions are here, I will save them, where are they, advise me. Nupur says you jabber. Chiku asks are you fine, advise me. Nupur says get calm, come. Chiku sees her companions joyfully playing. She says they are cheerful here. Nupur asks what are you thinking. Chiku asks how could you control them, you will forfeit them currently, let us return home, mummy is pausing, you do enchantment, you are exceptionally awful, don’t utter a word about my mum, she did a great deal for myself as well as my companions, my genuine mum had sent me in the residue canister, she loathes me, Rangoli mummy loves me.

Rangoli says its my misstep, Nupur thought I m feeble, so she took the children, I will bring the children back. Chiku says we will return to mummy. Nupur says fine. Chiku asks will you let us go. Nupur says indeed, in the event that you think I m awful, you can go, however I have a condition, stay here for two days with your companions, you like dance, dance however much you need, I m sure you will realize this spot isn’t a phantom house, yet a NGO, we will keep a dance contest, assuming you win, you can go with your companions, else you should remain here with me. Chiku says I didn’t come to do a rivalry, I will leave at the present time. She goes to her companions. Milind stays upset. He doesn’t answer Nupur’s call. Nupur says I didn’t disclose to him anything prior to coming, he was dozing. Reema requests that she return home. Sulab and Chiku embrace the children. The children ask did Nupur get you here, she is acceptable. Chiku says she acts sweet, she will be an awful aunt consistently. Bloom says no, she resembles Devi, she gave us new garments. Neighborhood says we got many toys here. Signal says we can have many chocolates here.

Precap: Tanki says don’t get back to Nupur. Nupur says she has taken us from mummy. Nupur and Chiku contend. Chiku acknowledges Nupur’s demand. Nupur sings a bedtime song for Chiku and lays down with her.


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