Chief Minister’s Closest Adviser: Crossed And Crossed To Where..?: It is a new contribution to the Malayalam language. “Get over the words. If you say pass, it can be in or out. The first “Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said. Journalists who passed by Ernakulam guest house without special permission Pointing his hand outward “The Chief Minister said that ‘Kadako Purath’. There is a story behind this very harsh speech by the Chief Minister. There is
Ernakulam Senior Advocate M.K. Judges, lawyers, and the public at Damodaran’s court It was seen with respect.

He was also the chief minister’s closest adviser. In an insulting manner, some journalists in Ernakulam It is changing. It is within the walls of Ernakulam High Court, lawyers, and newspapers. They made it a victim of a fight between them. Some lawyers misbehaved with the woman journalist. Whatever the background of the seizure, lawyers and journalists It turns into two floors. Also, the room in the court was locked for journalists. Before the incident takes place inside the court and if necessary the judge’s chamber That freedom for the media activists who had already boarded Lost.

His close friend M.K. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for insulting Damodaran’s lawyer There was intense anger and a clear picture of the incident. . Ernakulam Guest House is under such a harsh atmosphere. Lulla Chief Minister Pinarayi went to meet Vijayan without taking prior permission. The religious workers entered the room. Naturally, the chief minister got angry. That’s how it is “Malayalam got the word ‘Kadako Purath’. Vijayan said the things he wanted to say in sugar-coated form. All that is said in a heavy voice, is that there is no one I know.

Those words are coming up again now. This is also happening at the Ernakulam guest house. However, it was not the Chief Minister who spoke, but Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Kha. Only n. He left Kochi for Thiruvananthapuram. The Thracians arrive. They are coming after taking the prior permission of Rajbhavan. Rajbhavan knew the press representatives when they should meet. But quite unexpectedly, the governor, “Kairali TV’, “Representatives of ‘Media One channels are present in this meeting. If there is, he said that he will not talk to them. Get out from those channels or “The Governor said, ‘Out of Kadaku Purath’.

Since they have bought the permission of the king, they have to rule. Journalists once said that they have the right to talk on the road. But if there are representatives of Media One and Kairali TV The governor stood firm that he did not say anything to anyone. He was seeking permission to see the Governor. “Jaihind was not giving permission to the channel.

The Governor’s bravery did not end there, he also killed the Chief Minister. no CPM aims to create constitutional disruption in Kerala He argued that he would. He told the warriors that they should wage war while he was in Rajbhavan. He said that he is ready to die.

The Governor and the Chief Minister were good friends in the past. Some of the knowledge that the governor got then is now available to the general public. He shares with Mai. Governor Pu also said that the chief minister can go to the toilet if he sees a gun. Rather left..!

Governor’s “‘Beyond Kadaku Purath’ application has intrigued the people of Kerala. Seeing The reason why the Governor has so much courage is because of the Governor’s Pinni. The CPM claims that the BJP government is ruling the Centre.

It can be understood that the BJP is opposing the CPM in Kerala. But the Governor, an executive body, is from Delhi. Kendra with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arriving in Ralat Kavadi ka is an indication that the ministers will also disturb Vijaya’s sleep. Dressing up

Borrowing by State Governments and Social Welfare Schemes Nirmala Seetharama said that Tathan will now have to seek permission from the Centre. It has been said in Thiruvananthapuram. The people of Kerala along with the governor and the central government. A move against the elected government and the Chief Minister The astrologer is looking at how far he will reach.


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