Chief Minister: Violence In Agitations Has An Ulterior Motive To Destroy The Country’s Independence And Peace: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that some agitations are turning into violent protests with the nefarious aim and clear ulterior motive of destroying the independence, peace, and peaceful life of the country. He said that the country is in the current situation because the police force was able to identify what the attackers were hoping for through such attacks. The Chief Minister was speaking after receiving an online salute at the passing out parade of women police personnel at the Thrissur Kerala Police Academy.

The Chief Minister said that in the present time, the police have to face different types of testing phases. As part of the violent protests, there are widespread attacks on the police. Publicly threatening to attack police stations. Those who called for this are ready to organize violence. The police station is attacked and many policemen are injured. All this is done with an obvious ulterior motive. The government recognizes that the country did not turn into what those calling for violence wanted because of the courageous restraint shown by the police force. Attacks are clearly being staged with the intent to kill. The Chief Minister also said that he heartily congratulated the police force for maintaining self-restraint and being ready to face the attackers without losing composure and as part of the responsibility assigned to them.

The knowledge acquired through training enables the police force to perform better and serve society in a better way. There are now a large number of people who have acquired higher education in the police force. It has professional graduates and postgraduates. This leads to better performance of the force. This is the stage where the police have been able to get a new face through good work. Not only in the field of law and order, but the police can also act as a helper and protector of the people in the face of disaster. No matter how high-ranking the criminals are, there is no face-to-face action on the part of the police. A sophisticated investigation and arrest of the culprits is taking place. Past actions have proved that any police officer who works honestly and fairly will have full protection and support from the government.

The government is moving forward by giving great importance to women’s safety. It is with this vision that women’s participation in the police force is increased. After 2016, 445 women in the state completed training and became part of the women’s battalion. When 109 more people pass out, the total number is 554. Along with this, 23 women sub-inspectors have also completed the training. The Chief Minister said that the government intends to recruit more women in the police force and provide opportunities. Senior police officials including State Police Chief Analkanth also attended the function.


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