Chief Minister: Strict Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Supply Drugs In Educational Institutions: In the Chief Minister’s House, Aparna Gauri, the District Joint Secretary of Wayanad SFI, had to be beaten up because she had taken strong action against drug gangs. Strong action will be taken against those who illegally supply drugs to educational institutions. The Chief Minister said in the House that there will be no compromise in finding the source of drugs and bringing those responsible to justice. The Chief Minister was replying to Kelu’s submission.

O.R. Chief Minister’s reply to Kelu’s submission

Meppadi Sarkar Polytechnic College is an institution where children of weaker sections including tribals study along with common people. Students who are supposed to be the hope of these families are the victims of the exploitation of drug gangs in college.

Drug addicts often engage in criminal activities to earn money for drug use. It was in this situation that the student union activists took up the ‘No to Drugs’ campaign against drug addiction in Meppadi College. Meanwhile, there was a conflict related to the college union election held on 02-12-2022. SFI and UDSF, an alliance of opposition student organizations, were the main contenders. Arabic (TRABIOC) had declared its support to UDSF. There was a small amount of trouble between the student organizations in connection with the elections. Some gangs who infiltrated them and used drugs made the problems serious.

SFI District Joint Secretary Aparna Gauri is a girl who has taken a strong stand against such gangs in the college. Aparna, who took a stand against some premeditated issues on election day, was abused and brutally beaten up by a group of around 30 UDSF activists. Threatened to kill him, he tore off his clothes, strangled his neck, and hit his head against a wall, injuring him severely. The footage of the group’s attack on the girl has spread across the world through social media. Aparna Gauri is still undergoing treatment in the hospital. Aparna Gauri’s stand against drug gangs was the reason for this attack. In this incident, a case under sections 143, 147, 149, 294 (b), 506 (1), 323, 354, and 308 of IPC has been registered and an investigation is being conducted at Meppadi police station as crime number 717/2022. Six of the accused have been arrested and remanded.

SF for breaking a car parked near the college and assaulting a police inspector on duty during the student riots. 10 cases have been registered in the Meppadi police station in connection with the incident of attack on I leaders, stone pelting of the windows of the college bus, and other related issues.

An all-party meeting was held to restore peace in the college. In a meeting attended by representatives of student organizations and mainstream political parties, it has been decided to open the college from the 12th of this month.

Such incidents point to the need to strengthen the continuation of the ‘No to Drugs’ campaign that we have already undertaken together. Everyone’s participation in anti-drug awareness activities is repeatedly requested in this context.

Strong action has been taken against those who supply illegal drugs to educational institutions. There will be no compromise in finding the source of the drugs and bringing those responsible to justice.


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