Chief Minister: Kerala Will Become An Example For The Country Through Digital Survey: The digital resurvey project has started with the aim of scientifically surveying Kerala and preparing accurate land survey records in the next four years. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the project named ‘Ente Bhumi’. The Chief Minister said that with the completion of the digital survey, land information and services will be available to the people completely without errors and without delay.

The Chief Minister said that the Digital Reserve Project is being implemented to accurately measure the land by utilizing digital techniques. In the last 55 years, only 55 percent of the villages in the state have been surveyed. If the survey continues as it is now, it will take at least another 50 years to complete the resurvey. This huge delay will adversely affect development and welfare activities. He clarified that digital reserve is being implemented to overcome this.

The digital reserve of 1,550 villages out of 1,666 villages in the state will be completed in the next four years. Accurate documents will also be prepared. Steps have been taken to find the necessary technical staff for this. Recruitment of 4700 employees including 1500 surveyors and 3200 helpers through employment exchange on a contract basis has been completed. In addition to the information required by the revenue department for the digital reserve, it is also intended to prepare a database that will be useful for all departments by including topography information of Kerala. Digital Reserve will ensure mass participation in the project. People’s cooperation is required for the timely completion of the project. Actions such as clearly marking the boundaries of the land, setting up accurate signs, and those who do not have signs should be done with the help of the concerned authorities. The ‘Ente Bhumi scheme also includes a settlement scheme for the permanent settlement of border disputes. Survey Sabhas have also been organized to create awareness about Digital Reserve among people and ensure participation. In the first phase, survey congregations will be organized in 200 villages. A guideline explaining the importance of digital surveys and the role of people in their implementation will also be part of this. The Chief Minister also informed that the model that Kerala has given to the country through people’s interventions in the health, education, and housing sectors should also be in the digital reserve.

Kerala is a country where there is not enough land to fulfill the various needs of the people. 30 percent of the total land area is forest. Land for other purposes should be found out of the usable land. We should prepare an accurate plan for land use and proceed. Projects like Digital Reserve are being implemented as a part of it. In the last six years, the government has been able to make a lot of progress in land-related issues. An example of this is the achievement in the distribution of charters. 2.25 lakh patties were issued in six years. It is clear from the calculation for the LIFE mission that the number of landless people in Kerala is 3,41,095. 10,500 acres of land is required if we calculate that these families need at least three cents of land. 8,210 acres will be ready for distribution once the cases in various land boards are settled. It is estimated that if the existing surplus land cases are settled, the land will be available for distribution to the landless. He pointed out that the government is taking immediate steps for that.

The revenue department is one of the departments that people contact the most for government services. People should be able to get services from such departments without complaints. Implementation of online services is part of this. Officers should adopt a people-oriented approach. Along with the change in time, there was also a change in the bureaucratic system. Government departments are now providing better service. However, some isolated individuals operate without embracing this culture. Criticism will naturally arise against such trends. Don’t be surprised by this. People do not want even such isolated methods. As government systems improve by making everything digital and online, care must be taken not to create isolated differences. No department has a duty to protect those who receive isolated distinctions. The government, the country, and the people can only move forward in relation to the way of working they want. It is the position of the government that no department should be ready to protect a few individuals who insist on doing something different. If they are not ready to be a part of this then we should see what can be done so that they do not become a part of this,” added the Chief Minister.

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