Chief Minister: Children Should Not Be Victims Of Exploitation In Any Way: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that children should not be victims of any kind of exploitation including physical, mental, or sexual. The Chief Minister said that Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, etc. can make a big intervention in this regard. The Chief Minister was officiating at the launch of the child protection mobile app ‘Kunjap’ of the State Women and Child Development Department and the inauguration of the special training for the newly appointed members of the Child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board at Kerala Arts and Craft Village, Kovalam Vellalar.

The Chief Minister said that we should work together to combat the exploitation of children. The mandate of the Child Welfare Committee and the Juvenile Justice Board is to ensure that laws relating to children are followed throughout society and to make children good citizens. They play an important role in molding the next generation. Ensure the safety and protection of children. Government schools have made some adjustments to the weight of school-going children’s bags. But in other schools, it has been noticed that the weight of the bag becomes too much for the children to carry. It also causes health problems in children. He asked to take care of those things as well.

Political, and social background and money should not influence taking action against violence against children. Action should be taken even if it is the child’s next of kin or guardians. Vested interests should also be identified. Children who break the law will be taken care of. It may take a radical change to put them on the right path. Juvenile Justice Board, CWC should also see that. Members to work. Along with providing infrastructure, security is also important. That is why Kaval and Kaval Plus schemes have been developed. The Vatsalya scheme has also been devised by the central and state governments. A mobile application called ‘Kunjhap’ was prepared as a part of this. The Chief Minister also said that a rapid response team will be formed at the district level to deal with the reported cases related to crimes against children.

Veena George, Minister of Health, Women and Child Development, who presided over the function, said that the government attaches great importance to child care, welfare, and development. Every child is precious. They deserve tender care and love. The Women and Child Development Department are carrying out the activities accordingly. The best interest of children must be protected. In many cases, children’s privacy should be protected. Kunjhap can be used by both babies and parents. This app has child rights protection and services. It is also possible to report if any child is subjected to violence. Every panchayat has a parenting clinic for better care of babies. Every topic related to children is very important. He also pointed out that there should be interventions in all issues without taking them lightly.


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