The coronavirus is spreading its wings in television and Bollywood. In the past few days, the cases of corona in the industry are seeing a rapid increase. While people are facing financial crisis due to Coronavirus, on one hand, some people are losing their family members too. Last month, TV actor Amal Sherawat’s father died due to coronavirus. Amal Sherawat is seen in the serial Chhoti Sardarani these days.

After the father left, Amal Sherawat’s mother also got coronavirus. Talking to E-Times about this, Amal Sherawat said, ‘My father did not see any symptoms of coronavirus. We took him to the hospital due to some other disease. When he got a coronavirus test in the hospital, we all flew our senses. His corona report came positive. After that day I could not meet my father anymore. He was admitted to ICU for a long time. He died due to cardiac arrest last month.

Further, Amal Sherawat said, ‘For me, the father’s loss is a loss which no human in the world can compensate for. They have left behind their wonderful memories for us. Their memories are supporting us in this bad time. After the father left, my mother also got coronavirus but due to getting treatment at the right time, now she has recovered.

Amal Sherawat told that ‘Coronavirus is a very strange disease. Even after fully recovering, my father could not fight the disease. Even after having diabetes, my mother beat this disease. Ava, is perfectly healthy. My father’s mother was always called Iron Lady. My father was absolutely right. Mother has proved this by proving this.


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