Pravasi Bihari elections are giving more attention to Chhath Mahaparva than Mahaparva. During Chhath, people from every corner of the country are preparing to come to Bihar, but they are not showing interest in coming to the assembly elections. The status of waiting on trains coming to Bihar from different cities of the country is also proving this. At the time of Chhath, millions of migrants are unable to get reservation tickets to return to Bihar. At the same time, seats in trains coming from other cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Secunderabad, are vacant during the assembly elections and the dates around it.

Waiting position in trains
Sampurnakranti Express coming from New Delhi to Patna has only 50 waiting in the sleeper class on 21 October. There is 66 on 22 October, 63 on 23 October, 59 on 24 October. At the same time, 37 trains are waiting on this train on October 31, 59 on November 1, 60 on two. This is when all the 14 assembly constituencies of Patna district have elections on October 28 and November 3. People do not see enthusiasm about this. At the same time, in the same train at the time of Chhath, 130 on November 9, 170 on November 10, 165 on November 11, 200 on November 12 and 263 on 14 days.

More or less, on the same lines, trains coming from other cities including Patna to Bihar have less waiting time around the election, while more around Chhath. In such a situation, it is clear that the people of Bihar consider Mahaparva Chhath of public faith more important than elections. Apart from Patna, migrants from other states in Kaimur, Sasaram, Aurangabad, Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga and Hajipur are arriving in Chhath more than the dates of the elections. This is clear by looking at the status of railway reservation.

The trains going to and from the state have full 
train number 02392, from New Delhi to Patna on October 21, 52 in the bed on 21 October, 40 on 22 October, 35 on 23, 24 on 26 and 25 on 34, 26 on 17. There are 14 waiting on 31 October, 38 on 1 November, 29 on two. There are also seats in third and second AC. That is, there is a near normal situation in trains in Patna during both phases of elections. The same train has 91 waiting on 9 November, 140 on 10 November and 135 on 11 November and 175 on 13 November. That is, the waiting is increasing as the number of people coming at the time of Chhath is high. Similarly, waiting time between 21 October and 25 October from Bangalore to Danapur is around 100 to 150. In the same train, there are 164 on 31 October, 225 on 1 November, 232 on 2 November, 216 on three and 217 on four, 260 on 5 November.

Around November 10, the train has no room. That is, there is more trouble in Chhath. Also, train number 02141 Mumbai Pataliputra Express coming from Mumbai has 10 waiting on 21 October, while the train is in the train from 22 October to 26 i.e. seats are vacant. This train also has a long waiting time during Chhath. Train number 02856 passing through New Delhi to Sasaram has many seats vacant in sleeper from October 25 to November 6, while Anand Vihar Puri Special has more than 100 waiting for New Delhi to Sasaram on November 16 and November 17. The train number 01061 coming from Mumbai to Darbhanga is not on the train for seats in the LTT Darbhanga Special around the last phase on November 7 at the time of elections. But at the time of Chhath, on 14 and 15 November, the train has Regret status. That is, seats are vacant at the time of election, while there is no room position around Chhath.

Seats are available after the date of election in trains going from Chhath after Bihar, while those going after Chhath are getting a lot of waiting in the train. This is the situation in all trains including Sampoorna Kranti, Shramjeevi, Sanghamitra, Humsafar. After Chhath, 65 is waiting on 21 November, 134 on 22 November, 94 on 23, 110 on 24, 101 on 25 and 100 on 26 November. After returning from Bengaluru, Chhath is waiting for 100 on November 21, 104 on 22, 106 on 23, 101 on 24, 101 on 25 and 110 on 26. It will increase further. 

Polling is to be held in two phases in Patna, 5 seats in Patna, 9 seats in the second phase. In the first phase, elections are held in Mokama, Drafthi, Paliganj, Bikram and Flood, in the second phase Digha, Bankipur, Kumhar, Patna Sahib, Fatuha, Danapur, Maner, Phulwari and Bakhtiyarpur.


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