Chena Ravi Ghosh’s Unseen Things Exhibition At Savarna Museum Is Like A Story But True: He is Satyajit Ray’s tiger. His real name is Rabindranath Ghosh Dastidar. Ravi Ghosh is a legendary actor of Bengali films. Just calling him a comedian does not give him proper respect. The best actor in a witty comedy performance was Ravi Ghosh, whose eyes spoke volumes. Satyajit Roy to Tapan Sinha praised those eyes. Rabi Ghosh was born on November 24, 1931, at Mamabari in Cooch Behar. The study, grow up, and become a star in Kolkata. He also did some pictures in Bombay. But as much as we know the actor Ravi Ghosh, how much do we know the man Ravi Ghosh? Want to see what kind of clothes Ravi Ghosh used to wear, jeans pants or his golf club? Ravi Ghosh’s glasses or hat?

Savarna Roychowdhury Parivar Parishad of Behala Barisha has brought all wishes to hand.

This Rabi Ghosh exhibition is very authentic. November 24 was Ravi Ghosh’s birthday. On the same day, this special exhibition was inaugurated at Savarna Roy Chowdhury’s ‘Bara Bari’. This exhibition is running daily for a month from November 24 to December 24. Any visitor can turn around to witness an unknown chapter.

Getting off at the Behala Sakherbazar stop will show the local people the large house of the famous Savarna, the original jagirdar and architect of Calcutta long before the British era, located nearby. Kolkata’s first brick is in this house. The amalgamation of early and modern civilization in Calcutta is like in the house of these Savarna Roy Chowdhury.

The Savarna family has opened the ‘Savarna Collection’ for general visitors. The great actor Rabi Ghosh is being exhibited at the museum in Barisha’s big house. Ravi Ghosh’s wife Baisakhi Ghosh is associated with the exhibition.

The organizers of the exhibition are Savarna Raychaudhuri Parivar Parishad Secretary Devarshi Raychaudhuri and his wife Sucharita Raychaudhuri. With the unremitting efforts of the two, such a museum has been built in the heart of Kolkata. Old Calcutta as well as the legends of the film world where the exhibition is held in honor.
Legendary lyricist Pranab Roy was the son of the Savarna family. Who wrote countless golden-era Bengali film songs. So Bengali films are also related to history.

Devarshi Roychowdhury, the editor of the Savarna Roychowdhury Parivar Parishad, organizer of the Ravi Ghosh exhibition throughout December, told The Wall, “We hold an international history festival every year. Which passed 16 years. We decide to do a Ravi Ghosh retrospective. So I contacted Ravi Ghosh’s wife Baisakhi Devi. Ravi Ghosh’s adopted son Ranjit Patra and his wife Suparna Patra also helped us. Baisakhi Devi decided to donate Ravi Ghosh’s used items to our Savarna Roy Chowdhury collection. So Ravi Ghosh’s useful things are in our collection. On the occasion of Ravi Ghosh’s 92nd birthday, we are holding this exhibition from November 24th to December 24th Christmas Eve. Ravi Ghosh’s clothes, pants, chatti, safari suit, hat, Ravi Ghosh’s hand-painted, screenplay, his glasses are all presented. Ravi Ghosh loved playing golf so much that he has a golf stick and a golf hat. Many people do not know that Ravi Ghosh used to paint great pictures. I have kept the picture of him. Sanatan Dinda painted the picture of Ravi Ghosh and I have kept that picture too. Ravi Ghosh was a bodybuilder. Those unseen pictures. In their personal life Ravi Ghosh’s two wives are famous actresses Anubha Gupta and Vaishakhi Devi. Their wedding photos are also kept in the exhibition. After so long people will see Ravi Ghosh in front of their eyes through this exhibition. Let’s open before the eyes the wealth of memories. ”

The doors of the Savarna Museum will be open for the public from 10 am to 1 pm till 24th December. However, there is no arrangement to see this exhibition in the evening. Come around it will seem like a story but it is true.


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