Cancer Patients: Side effects also stop when chemotherapy is stopped. That’s why experts recommend eating certain foods during chemotherapy that can help prevent the side effects of chemotherapy to a large extent. Let’s see what they are—

Experts say that cancer treatment is like a journey. Recovery is possible with patient treatment. One method of cancer treatment is chemotherapy. During this therapy, the body needs more nutrients. Therefore, the body recovers quickly if the right food is taken during chemotherapy. Normally healthy cells in our body divide according to a certain pattern. Thus 1 becomes 2 cells. 2 to 4 4 to 8…. The process of cell division is undoubtedly an essential process. Without cell division, the formation of a complete human body from an embryo would not be complete. Again, if a wound was formed in any part of the body, it would not heal.

The problem is, when body cells start dividing uncontrollably, it takes the form of a lump or tumor in the body. This disease is called cancer. If the cell division process is not stopped at the right time, the cancer spreads throughout the body. Various organs of the body stop working. Cancer can occur in various organs of the human body. Oncologists begin cancer treatment by determining which part of the body has cancer. But in general, if there is a tumor, the tumor is first removed with the help of surgery. Chemotherapy and radio therapy are then given as needed. Common people have many questions about chemotherapy.

How does chemotherapy work?

Simply put, chemotherapy damages cancer cells so that they can no longer divide. Cancer cells are usually burned away by radiation. Radiotherapy usually works on a specific part of the body. Chemotherapy drugs, on the other hand, enter the bloodstream and damage cancer cells once they reach them. For this reason, chemotherapy is also called systemic treatment. Generally speaking, chemotherapy destroys cells that are in the process of dividing.

A special part of the cell nucleus is responsible for cell division. Some drugs used in chemotherapy destroy those cells. Some drugs interfere with the biochemical processes responsible for cell division. Let’s break it down a bit more.

At the center of any cell is a part called nucleus. The nucleus controls various functions of the cell. Nucleus contains chromosomes which are made up of genes. During cell division, or when dividing from one to two cells, this gene also needs to be duplicated or replicated. Chemotherapy damages genes in the cell’s nucleus. Chemotherapy destroys some cells as they divide. Again, some cells are destroyed during the replication of their genes. Cells in a resting state are usually not damaged by chemotherapy. The nature of the disease determines which of the two types of chemotherapy is appropriate for the patient.

Why are chemotherapy side effects?

The problem is that some healthy cells are also constantly dividing and growing. Examples include hair, bone marrow (makes blood cells), skin, internal organs of the digestive system. This is the reason why chemotherapy causes hair fall, immunity problems, so the patient gets cold again and again. Apart from this, various problems are created on the skin, digestive disorders etc.

However, when the chemotherapy is stopped, the side effects also stop. That’s why experts recommend eating certain foods during chemotherapy that can help prevent the side effects of chemotherapy to a large extent. Let’s see what they are—

Oatmeal: Oatmeal contains carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants and a variety of essential nutrients. So eat oatmeal regularly during chemotherapy.

Avocado: Green and thick-skinned avocados contain healthy unsaturated fats that help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and increase good cholesterol or HDL levels.

Eggs: One of the side effects of chemotherapy is fatigue. According to experts, regular consumption of well-boiled egg whites keeps the protein requirements in the body right. Therefore, regular consumption of eggs relieves fatigue.

Nuts and dried fruits: When it’s time to eat healthy tiffins, be sure to include nuts and dry fruits in your mouth. You can eat five to six cashews, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, dates mixed daily. Such nuts and dry fruits contain beneficial fats and antioxidants that reduce the level of various side effects and help in faster recovery.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds contain beneficial fats, proteins, antioxidants and vitamin E. Such ingredients soothe any kind of inflammation in the body. So definitely keep pumpkin seeds in the leaves during chemotherapy.

Fish: Fish contains omega three fatty acids and good quality protein. Experts say that fish should be kept at least three to four days a week.

Homemade Smoothies: Smoothies are made with seasonal fruits, nuts. So keep fruits and nuts close at hand. day Store milk in the refrigerator. Now make a mixture with milk, fruits and nuts and drink it occasionally.


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