If you have an account with a bank and you want to change the mobile number linked to your account then you can complete this work in few minutes. For this you do not even need to go to the branch. The bank is now providing the facility of changing the number online to its customers. To change the mobile number, your debit card and pre-registered mobile number will be required. Let us know how you can change your mobile number online or through ATM.

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Change your mobile number while sitting at home online

If you have a net banking account, you can change the mobile number of the bank account with the help of your mobile, laptop, tablet or computer at home. Here we take the example of State Bank of India.

First of all, you have to login by visiting the bank’s net banking website www.onlinesbi.com. When you login, you have to click on the profile here.
After this, click on personal details. Here you have to enter your SBI profile password.
On submitting it, you will see your email id and old number, which will also show the option to change the mobile number.
Following this instruction, you will need to change your mobile number.
Change mobile number by going to bank branch

If you do not use internet banking, you can go to the bank and change your mobile number. You have to go to your bank branch and fill the mobile number change form. Apart from this, you have to give a photocopy of your passbook and Aadhaar card . After this, the bank will change your mobile.

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Change from atm like

If you want, you can also change your mobile number from your ATM, but for this you must also have the old number that you have already registered with the bank. If the old number is not current, then you will not be able to change your number through it. To change the number through ATM, you must first enter your PIN. After this, the option to change the mobile number has to be selected. After this, an OTP will come to your registered number which you have to put in the ATM. After this you will be asked for a new number and it will be confirmed. In this way your mobile number will change through ATM.

Must have current number link with account

Nowadays, many banking frauds are happening through fake mobile numbers. If you lax, it may be that the cyber thugs empty your entire account. In such a situation, if the mobile number you gave the time to open the account and it is closed now, then get the mobile number that you are running and get it registered immediately with the bank. With this, you will know immediately whatever money is coming or going in your account. You will also be saved from fraud.


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