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Chandra Grahanam 2022: What To Do During Lunar Eclipse..? Know What Not To Do: Today’s lunar eclipse.. will this eclipse affect us. if so, at what time can we see it in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.. what kind of effect will it have on which zodiac signs..? What to do during the eclipse..? What should we do at that time? Let’s know such interesting things here.

A miracle is going to unfold in the sky today. The last lunar eclipse of the year, a total lunar eclipse, is occurring today. This year’s final total lunar eclipse will last from 2.39 pm to 6.30 pm. It is noteworthy that the lunar eclipse occurs within fifteen days of the solar eclipse. It is remarkable that all four eclipses that have occurred this year are seen in a span of just two weeks. Today’s total lunar eclipse will be visible in many countries including India. They say that even if this lunar eclipse is partial, it will have an effect on us. While this lunar eclipse will be visible in North America, South America, Australia, Asia, North Pacific, and Indian Ocean regions, such a total lunar eclipse will occur again on March 14, 2025, according to astronomical researchers.

Sutak period starts about 9 hours before the eclipse. The lunar eclipse will begin at 5:32 PM and end at 6:18 PM. Its effect is partial in India. But there will be Sutak period. From this sutak period till the eclipse is complete one should not touch the idols or pictures of God. Do not cook food or cut nails during this time.

This lunar eclipse will be visible in India on November 8, 2022, at 5.32 pm Indian time. Ends at 6.18 pm. Although an eclipse is an astronomical event, it has high importance in astrology. Eclipses are said to be the greatest development in astrology. She said that this would be the reason for many changes. But what to do during a lunar eclipse..? Let’s find out what not to do.

Do this during a lunar eclipse

The effect of a lunar eclipse affects the mind. Meditation should be done during the eclipse period to avoid its ill effects. During this time, money and food grains should be donated to poor people. Chant your presiding deity mantras at least 108 times during the eclipse. Offer water to Shivalinga and chant the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra. It does not affect the bad effects during a lunar eclipse. Keep durva grass or garage near you during the eclipse. Do not get under mental or physical stress during this time.

Do not do this during a lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Sutakam starts before 9 hours. No auspicious deeds will happen during this time. Tulsi plants should not be touched during the eclipse period. Pick basil leaves before threading. Avoid eating and drinking anything during Sutak or eclipse. Avoid any travel during this time. Pregnant women are advised to be careful especially during eclipse and Sutakala. Pregnant women should not watch the eclipse under any circumstances. Sleeping during an eclipse is prohibited.


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