Nowadays a mail of RBI is coming on people’s mail. This alleged email from RBI claimed that the recipient has won Rs 1.60 crore as COVID-19 compensation from the United Nations and is seeking personal and bank details to claim the award. If you give your personal and bank details for the greed of Rs 1.60 crore, then believe me, whatever is in your account will be empty. PIB Fact Check has said that this email is fake. RBI never contacts the public for any kind of personal information.

An email allegedly from RBI claims that the recipient has won 1.60 cr from UN as # COVID19 compensation and is asking for personal & bank details to claim the prize. #PIBFactCheck : This email is #Fake . @RBI never contacts the public asking for any type of personal information.

– PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) January 27, 2021

Explain that another claim is being made in a viral message on social media that the central government is giving unemployment allowance of up to Rs 3800 per month to the unemployed. This claim is also completely fake and should not be misguided. The central government has not made any such announcement. A few days ago, in a video viral, it was being claimed that the central government is giving cash amount of 3 lakhs to the account of all women under ‘Pradhan Mantri Credit Scheme’.

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Earlier, in the name of Kanya Samman Yojana, the video of depositing Rs 2500 in the accounts every month was going viral. Many fake videos are going viral on social media in the name of Modi government schemes. People are being tricked in the name of ‘Stree Swabhimaan Yojana’ and ‘Pradhan Mantri Mahila Samman Yojana’. Many such claims in the fact check are proving to be fake.


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