Chanakya Niti: Sankalpon only climbs the stairs of success

The world of Acharya Chanakya’s policies is convincing. He is given the likeness of Machiavelli, India. He is the only teacher who led two important battles. Unified India from west to east. The northern part of India used to be under the influence of Chanakya. Chanakya was able to do all this on the strength of his determination.

Chanakya lost the mother to adolescence after facing the exile of Dhanananda to his father. It is said that his father died in Dhananand’s prison. Which was declared as exile. He took the first pledge immediately after the death of his mother and did not pay the tax of cremation to Dhananand’s system. Used the wood of his house for wood.

Chanakya pledged to protect the land of India from outside invaders in Taxila. Turning Gurukul into battle training helped local kings. He cleverly fulfilled his resolve to remove Magadha’s emperor Dhanananda. Chanakya teaches to be determined with the best thinking. The resolve of renunciation and penance for the country and common people is giving them fame across the world even today.

Keep in mind, the resolution should always have a big and wide impact. Resolutions remain individual by narrowness. In such a situation, selfish determination ultimately encourages incest.


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