Challenge To One MLA One Pension Scheme

Challenge To One MLA One Pension Scheme: The One MLA One Annuity Plan of the AAP legislature of Punjab has been tested in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Previous MLAs from Ludhiana Rakesh Pandey, Lal Singh, Sarwan Singh, Sohan Singh Thandal, Mohan Lal Banga and Gurbinder Atwal recorded a request in the High Court. On which the court has pulled out to the Punjab government and looked for its answer.

In the request documented in the High Court, the applicants expressed that till now in different states including Haryana-Himachal and Punjab likewise they have been getting annuity under the old benefits plot. In Punjab, the AAP government shouldn’t force One MLA-One Benefits Plan on them, as they have been getting annuity in the old technique since years. Based on which annuity numerous previous MLAs have taken advances and their portions are additionally deducted. They likewise record all annual assessment forms.

The solicitors said that the states in Punjab till presently have given them TA and DA likewise. If the current Mann Legislature of Punjab has any desire to bring One MLA-One Annuity Plan, then, at that point, it ought to be carried out on individuals who become MLAs after sanctioning of regulation. It ought not be applied to old MLAs.

It is worth focusing on that under the One MLA One Benefits Plan, any MLA in the state will get just a single annuity, regardless of how frequently he has been a MLA. Prior, the times a public delegate turned into a MLA, he used to get a benefits for a similar term. There are numerous such MLAs in Punjab who were MLAs commonly and were getting annuity for a similar term.

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This immensely affected the public authority exchequer. After the arrangement of the AAP government, it was shut and the plan of one annuity for all the MLAs was brought. The Punjab government had before gotten a proposition the bureau in regards to the annuity plot, however by regulation being passed in the assembly was required.

The goal was acquired the get together in June

The Punjab government had gotten a goal the get together in the period of June, which was passed. Then it was shipped off the Lead representative for endorsement to give it an authoritative document. After endorsement, its warning was given on August 11. From that point forward, MLAs in Punjab are getting benefits for just a single term. As indicated by the Punjab government, the execution of One Administrator One Benefits will diminish the weight of Rs 19 crore each year on the express government’s depository.


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